Leeds music venue, The Well, has announced it will be closing down at the end of the year due to the owner of the building revoking the right to use it as a live music venue.

The following statement has been made:

“Hi all

It is very unfortunate news that we have to share with you all today. Sadly the Josephs Well building owner Mr Pullan has chosen to revoke the right to use any part of the property as a concert room or for live music.

Why, after nearly 20 years of live music at The Well, Mr Pullan has decided he’d rather run his Josephs Well office complex without a music venue in the basement, we don’t know.

We have spent the last 6 months investing in the property and rebuilding this amazing live music venue. We are truly and utterly devastated. This is the end of The Well, or at least as you know it. We will be pulling out of business as of the end of December. A new venture may be put in place by another business in the future – but there goal cannot be to use the property as a live music venue. The Well will most likely sit empty or turn into a full time restaurant & public house.

In recent times, The Well hasn’t been in a stronger position as it is now, for someone to come along and take all of our hard work away is a major kick in the teeth.

We’ve explored every avenue to try contest the revocation of live music from the premises, but unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do. So it is a sad day to announce the closure of The Well live music venue in Leeds.

We would just like to take this time to thank everyone who is involved with The Well starting with Simon & Sharon Colgan who took over the venue back in March to refurbish & rebuild its reputation to where is now. Anyone who has been in the The Well over the last few months will have seen the improvements like the fantastic new stage, PA system, bar refurbishment and everything else they’ve worked so hard to put in place.

I’d also like to thank the staff I’ve worked alongside including the managers, promoters, bar staff, sound engineer & doormen; Anthony, Chris, Steve, Jordan, George, Pete, Tasmin, Judd, Nath, Jake, Claire, Tommi, Jack & Sam. All of which have worked extremely hard and have devoted themselves to there jobs and The Well.

Over the last six months we’ve progressed the venue to a great standing point and we are so proud of everything we’ve achieved. As well as our internal staff we’d like to say a huge thank you to some outside organisations who have been great to work with & have involved with our venue; Ghostfest & Ghost Music, Futuresound, Mutiny Events, Thirty Days Of Night Records, Pinky Swear Records, Hyde Park Unity Day committee, Blastonbury Festival & many more.

Obviously live music is our thing and I’d just like to thank every band that we’ve had the pleasure of hosting over the last six months. Special thanks & shootouts to; Basement, Chantel McGregor, Ian Seigal, Oh Sleeper, Fishbone, Kleine Schweine, Astroid Boys, Dead Swans, Cyvoid, Gnarwolves, Jeff Loomis, This Town Need Guns, The Lancashire Hotpots, Living With Lions, Ginger Wildheart, Caspian, Humanfly, Hawk Eyes, Napalm Death, Marduk, Voivod, Doom, Hawthorne Heights, Maker, Landscapes, Tyrannosaurus Alan, Lay Siege, Louie Knuxx, Martyr Defiled, Demoraliser, Karma To Burn, Desert Storm, Tygers Of Pan Tang, First Blood, No Second Chance, Victims Of Circumstance, Ingested, Suis La Lune, Veils, Death Angel, Chronographs, Dead City Ruins & Irration Steppas.

We have till the end of December to function as music venue before we leave the premises. We have a great set of gigs over the final month. Heres the listings for December 2012 at The Well, if theres anything that interests you – please come come on down and enjoy the place while you can. Any tickets purchased through our website (links below) will receive a free ‘The Well’ tote bag & festival style wristband on arrival to the gig.

The future for any gigs booked after December will be revealed as soon as possible.

Spear Of Destiny

The Elijah

Liferuiner & Demoraliser



This Distance, Charon, Forest & Capitals

The Fleshtones

Slack Alice

Anaal Nathrakh

Hildamay. Coastline & Road To Horizon

Native, Nai Harvest & We’ll Die Smiling

Scabies & Damned Damned Damned

Jimmy Holland, Maycomb, Next Stop Atlanta, Make Your Mark & Rob Lynch (FREE ENTRY)


The Well Team”

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