Live Review: Angel Du$t, Higher Power and High-Vis – Boston Music Room, London – 29/05/2019

Angel Dust Boston Music Room, London – 29/05/2019
Photo Credit: Tim Birkbeck

Eclectic tastes are one of the bloodlines of music. In the alternative world, things can range from metal to emo, punk to grindcore. So, when Angel Du$t decided to host a London release show for their record Pretty Buff’, it was a delight to see UK support acts which weren’t traditional hardcore bands.

  • High-Vis - Boston Music Room, London - 29/5/2019
    High-Vis - Boston Music Room, London - 29/5/2019

Starting off proceedings for the evening were grunge quintet High-Vis (3/5). The mix of atmospheric guitars and raw vocals gave for an interesting dynamic. And despite there not being a whole lot of movement on the stage from the band there was something that captured the eye. The rough shouts from the band’s vocalist were a reminder that this was a punk show, and for those unfamiliar with the band they certainly won audience members over.

  • Higher Power - Boston Music Room, London - 29/5/2019
    Higher Power - Boston Music Room, London - 29/5/2019

If the energy levels were low for High-Vis, then Higher Power (3.5/5) were the complete opposite. It took a matter of moments from when the Leeds-based band stepping on stage to have bodies flying around the Boston Music Room. With vocalist Jimmy Wizard calling on the crowd to join the fun and saying, “this one’s for the freaks” getting people moving, and it was songs like ‘Can’t Relate’ and ‘Hole’ getting the biggest reaction.

But this was Angel Du$t’s (4/5) party and as the band emerged on stage, bodies had piled forward to get up close and personal. Getting things going with ‘Headstone’ the band quickly rattled through their first string of songs. The band’s new record has split opinions among fans, but as soon as vocalist Justice Tripp picked up his acoustic guitar to play ‘Bang My Drum,’ the crowd was singing back every single word.

The Baltimore act almost split their set into thirds, with material from ‘Pretty Buff’ sandwiched between older material. After the last note of ‘Big Ass Love’ rang out, it was back to the harder hitting songs and as the band launched into ‘Take My Love’; cue bodies flying off the stage.

Finishing with ‘Toxic Boombox,’ Justice realised he hadn’t informed the crowd it would be the bands last song. They made up for it with ‘Set Me Up’ leading to a stage invasion and several women in attendance grabbing the mic to scream the words.

The set might have been a bit of the short side, but Angel Du$t know how to throw one hell of a party.


Words and photos by Tim Birkbeck (@tim_birkbeck)


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