Live Review: Architects, Every Time I Die, BlessTheFall & Counterparts – Rock City, Nottingham – 13/03/2015

When news first emerged of Architects touring alongside Every Time I Die, BlessTheFall and Counterparts last summer, we were all very excited then life moved on, tours came and went, and now suddenly the tour is happening and tonight it hits the legendary Rock City.

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With the venue only half full, Counterparts have the troubling task of opening the evening. However they seemingly do a good job of quickly warming the crowd up with their brand of heavy melodic hardcore. As the Ontario band blast through their 20 minute set, it’s clear they have the songs, stylistically, to grow. One moment you’re pumping your fist in unison along to the bands pounding tempo, the next you’re carelessly singing along. Add to that, numerous circle pits, and it’s clear Counterparts kick off the night as best as possible. There’s a positive energy in the air and it seems the crowd and those on stage are feeding off it. Overall Counterparts leave a strong albeit short impression that I’m sure will leave many interested im what else they have to offer. (3.5/5)

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In terms of metalcore, BlessTheFall are a fairly established name. With four albums under their belt, it’s clear they have tons of road experience. Arriving on stage with an intense build, frontman Beau Boken is in good spirits, spraying the crowd with water straight away.BTF are a band who know how to put on a show; synchronised head banging, massive circle pits, huge choruses and pummelling breakdowns. There downfall, for the casual listener at least, is that they’re nothing extraordinary from any other North American metalcore band. Sure they have the meaty riffs, powerful drum work and in Boken, an impressive and self-assured frontman, but then again so several other band within the genre. (2/5)

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Due to the size of their popularity and notorious live show, some were surprised Every Time I Die are supporting on this tour but they’re still here to deliver a show, and oh boy do they deliver. From the outset, they are out to destroy everything in their path. Keith Buckley’s vocals roar with the occasional swagger, Jordan Buckley’s and Andy Williams’ guitars charge through with a mix of monstrous riffs and thick, domineering force. Tracks like ‘Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space’ and ‘El Dorado’ are frantic and sees the quintet provide a hard rock party soundtrack that you can’t help but enjoy. ‘Moor’ brings their set to a close and showcases Keith Buckley’s charisma and smooth vocal talent before his band mates provide one more slice of destructive rock. They set the bar high for tonights headliners to beat. (4/5)

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Over their 11 years together, Brighton’s Architects have had their fair share of ups and downs but tonight is a celebration of how far they have come and everyone in attendance is here for the party. Last years ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ was the bands best effort today and we are quickly provided with a reminder of how good the album is with ‘Broken Cross’, ‘The Devil Is Near’, and ‘Dead Man Talking’. Older material is showered throughout the material; ‘Alpha Omega’ sounds as glorious as ever and ‘Early Grave’ sends the Rock City crowd into a frenzy.

Sam Carter is vocally impressive as his screams fight for dominance against Tom Searle’s proficient guitar work and Dan Seattle’s tight drumming. As a unit, Architects know their craft and in the metalcore genre, they’re one of the best, most thrilling bands around and tonight they knock their performance out the park.

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Set highlights come in the form of the frantic ‘Naysayer’ (smoke machines included), ‘These Colours Don’t Run’ and the concluding ‘Gravedigger’. From start to finish, the mass crowd eat up the bands sharp, chaotic brand of metal. The floor is a sea of flying bodies and mosh pits.

By the end of the night, there is an overall realisation that tonight is a significant one in the career of Architects. They’ve come a long way and fought through the good and bad times, yet on tonights evidence, its clear they have come through out on top. They have shown they are more than capable of taking on a venue as big as Rock City and beyond. (4.5/5)


Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86). Photos by Carrie-Anne Pollard.


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