Live Review: Atreyu & Shvpes – Camden Underworld, London – 29/04/2015

If there was a chill in the spring London air, the sold-out Underworld couldn’t feel it. After four years of an indefinite and nail-biting hiatus for their fans, Atreyu have returned to revive their signature heart-stopping live shows in the sweatiest venue in London.

Birmingham bruisers Shvpes set the tense scene for the evening, firing up the crowd with an energetic call to arms. With air-punching melodies and razor-sharp basslines, the scene’s up and coming boys have proved their rightful place on the bill. (3/5)

As if they never left, Atreyu take to the stage with a storming opening into the anthemic ‘Doomsday’. Immediately evident are the four years of absence, which have only perfected their ability to produce the incredible harmony of close friends standing side by side. Brandon Saller’s immortal cleans burst through the contagious ‘Right Side Of The Bed’ while frontman Alex Varkatzas swiftly loses his shirt to the room’s rocketing temperature. An energetic rendition of ‘Blow’ ironically raises the roof of the cramped venue, producing rapturous crowd chants this band have waited years to see again.

‘So Others May Live’, the teaser track for their September release ‘Long Live’, draws a surprisingly harmonic response from the crowd, proving their long-anticipated return has left fans pleading for new material, and it has definitely not disappointed. For a band whose energised, driven live performance is a core component of their existence, Atreyu haven’t lost an iota of their spark.

There’s a clear bond between old and new fans throughout classic ‘Bleeding Mascara’ as shredder Dan Jacobs takes the helm for a face-melting solo. Testament to their longevity and musicianship, each song conveys as perfectly as on record, with every atom of energy and dedication thrown behind every chord and every scream.

The only let-down of the night lies in the length of their set. Despite playing 14 of their biggest and best anthems spanning their career, it still felt as if there was something missing. A cover such as their traditional ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ wouldn’t have gone amiss, but instead the night closes on the timeless riffs of ‘Lip Gloss And Black’, transporting the crowd back to the simpler musical days of 2002.

Atreyu never left, not really. By becoming less accessible, they’ve given themselves an invaluable opportunity to recharge their batteries and simultaneously revitalise their fanbase, and their Underworld return to the UK justified every second of their absence. (4.5/5)


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Words by Ali Cooper (AliZombie_)


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