Live Review: Escape The Fate, Glamour Of The Kill and New Years Day – The Electric Ballroom, London – 30/10/2014

Champions of hard rock, glam metal and gothic rock in one night – this chapter of the Download Freezes Over tour sent chills throughout the Electric Ballroom.

Californian gothic rockers New Years Day opened the tour’s final show with a bang – Ash Costello’s vocals translated as beautifully and vengefully as in the studio. This might be their first trip to the UK, but it certainly won’t be their last. ‘Death Of The Party’ arranges the dark, mysterious atmosphere for New Years Day’s energetic set, while Tyler’s backing vocals powers through the captivating single ’Angel Eyes’ with ease. Confidently introducing two new tracks including ‘Other Side’ from their upcoming EP ‘Epidemic’, the New Years Day machine shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Nikki Misery’s flawless shredding of ‘Do Your Worst’ completes the ethos of dominant gothic retribution they are already known and loved for, and the closing ‘Hello Darkness’ heralds a reminder of how much potential this band have locked away for the near future. (4/5)

Yorkshire set Glamour Of The Kill come next, showering every terrifically ‘80s note with enthusiasm and vigour. Davey Richmond’s limitless vocal energy bursts through the electrifying sing-alongs of ‘Out Of Control’ and ‘A Freak Like Me’, while the soaring riffs of Mike Kingswood never seem to relent either. It’s impossible to stand still to the soundtrack of GOTK – their expert blend of catchy glam rock with tricksy heavy metal earns them their place on such a line-up. (3/5)

Finally, Escape The Fate’s headlining set blazed through the highlights of their career since vocalist Craig Mabbitt’s arrival in 2008, opening with the rousing ‘Choose Your Fate’. Guitarist Kevin Thrasher’s behind-the-head solo combined with TJ Bell’s emphatic riffs proved this band haven’t lost a shred of their dedication over the years. The band’s recent line-up changes were completely unnoticeable with Mabbitt’s Dead Rabbitts bandmate Alex Torres stepping in on bass. Mabbitt’s perfectly unique vocals stormed through the contagiously sexy ‘Gorgeous Nightmare’, while the timeless classic ‘Issues’ sounded as vicious as the first time we heard it. A heart-wrenching, lighter-raising ‘Picture Perfect’ brought the mood back down to earth and beautifully demonstrated the versatility of the ‘Ungrateful’ record. Closing on an unforgettable mash-up of Queen’s ’We Will Rock You’ and the equally powerful ’This War Is Ours’, Escape The Fate proved their popularity and recent events have only strengthened their ability to storm the stage and leave a crowd begging for more. (5/5)


Words by Ali Cooper (@AliZombie_)


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