Live Review: Lacey & No Disco – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – 30/05/2015

Having received plenty of acclaim for their debut album, ‘Under The Brightest Lights’, tonight’s hometown show is a celebration for Lacey. There is no doubt this is the band’s biggest headline show to date and it shows their hard work has paid off as Rescue Rooms is full of friends, family and longtime fans.

Fellow Nottingham band Cut The Heroics ease us into the evening it’s their upbeat melodic rock but our viewing was all to brief to get a solid impression of them.

No Disco are tonight’s main support. They quickly show why they’re an ideal support as their style is similar to tonight’s headliners. The Nottingham trio suffer some early technical issues yet they overcome it showcasing a pleasing mix of indie pop numbers. With their style being bright and driven by power chord guitars. Some mid-set comedy between vocalist Jack Cross and bassist Alex Ochrombel manages to gain a few laughs but it’s instantly followed by a slow, ballad-like number that kills off their momentum. On the whole No Disco put in a set that is just about ok and no less. Jack Cross’ vocals struggle to impress and their sound is pretty generic. (2.5/5)

Having built a strong, but fairly small following, Lacey have played their fare share of shows up and down the country in recent years. However after a successful PledgeMusic campaign last year, the quartet put the finishing touches to their debut album with startling results. Tonight they play the album from start to finish and their performance does the record justice.

From the off ‘Tonight’ sounds as big and boisterous as it does on record before easing into ‘My Eyes Are Open’ where vocalist Graz Turner shows his impressive vocal chops, and it won’t be the last time tonight.

Although on record, Lacey have stepped things up on ‘Under The Brightest Lights’, in a live setting there is a euphoric energy that makes their sound more sonically pleasing. On songs such as ‘Change The Story’ and ‘The Last Time’, Turner’s vocals soar whilst guitarist Josh Lewin and drummer David Pearson compliment him throughout the set with backing vocals.

Whilst songs like ‘Contender’ and ‘Reset To Power’ are more reflective they are as effective as the band’s more upbeat numbers. Lacey have depth and the ability to keep your attention from start to finish.

The main portion of the set ends with album closer – ‘Older’ which gives the crowd another opportunity to take part in a massive, anthemic singalong. However the night isn’t over yet as the four piece return with friend Rob Lane (People on Vacation) taking over Turner’s bass duties to treat fans to two old favourites; ‘Burning Out’ and ‘Hometown’. By now the room is in full celebratory mode and by the time confetti explodes at the end of the latter, you realised how good Lacey really are and the potential they have.

Lacey are now armed with a record that demands to be heard and tonight they show they can produce an outstanding performance that backs up any “hype”. Their anthemic brand of pop-rock thrives tonight and everyone in attendance leaves more than satisfied. Surely it’s just a matter time more people realise how good Lacey are! (4.5/5)


Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)


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