Live Review: LostAlone, The Dead Famous and Evarose – Deaf Institute, Manchester – 23/02/13

It was in 2008 when LostAlone supported the now ever popular band Paramore that I first came into contact with the band and I was instantly impressed. After going to the US, recording a new album in LA and being away for a while, the band are back to rock the UK. In a venue that has a small balcony, a wall of speakers above the bar, seating at the back of the venue and some interesting looking wallpaper it’s a nice quirky intimate venue for the bands to play.

First up are the all girl pop punkers Evarose who play some of the catchiest music you will hear. Playing their way through songs like ‘Change’, ‘Cough It Up’ and ‘Best Left Alone’ all showcase what the band are about. The songs have a sweetness to them whilst being seriously catchy and memorable at the same time; guitar riffs flow and lyrics melt on ‘There’s No Such Thing As Something For Nothing’ which is by far one of their best songs. As front woman Dannika Webber asks who’s heard of them before, only a few people cheer which is a shame but I’m sure the band have definitely made a lot more fans tonight from their impressive set. (4/5)

Next up are The Dead Famous who come onto what is an electro style epic opus intro and go into some anthemic sounding songs. The band plays through some big sounding songs like the latest single ‘Hide Your Halo’. With lead vocalist James Matthew he looks natural on stage and he sings with a certain charisma and looks confident. The only downside to the band’s set is that the music itself doesn’t seem to cater to tonight’s crowd; a mix of The Script and Maroon 5, it seems to slow the pace of the gig down after Evarose’s upbeat fast pop punk riffs. (2/5)

Last up is of course who everyone has been waiting for, the mad frenetic, epic, heavy and fast sounding rockers LostAlone. Starting off with the heavy riff laden ‘Vesuvius’ it starts the set off perfectly as frontman Steven Battelle shows off his guitar skills playing effortlessly through the fast and heavy song. The band’s set mixes things up by either being heavy, fast and powerful like the songs ‘Blood Is Sharp’ and ‘Do You Get What You Pray For’ or have a more catchy side with songs ‘Paradox On Earth’, ‘Creatures’ and ‘Put Pain To Paper’. The band also know how to make a gig more intimate as Steven gets the crowd to sit down and circle him as he plays through an acoustic version of ‘Orchestra Of Breathing’.

Showcasing a new song ‘Hostages’ off of there yet to be released new album, it sounds great and brings out all the best aspects of the band and has fans itching for the new album. ‘The Downside Of Heaven Is The Upside Of Heaven’ brings an epic, apocalyptic song to the bands set before finishing up with ‘Love Will Eat You Alive’. As Steven gets the crowd to sing along the final few lines “when you’re caught in a web with no will to survive, when you’re caught in the web with your love will eat you alive, and you run and you run but we’re already dead” it finishes the night off perfectly.

Considering LostAloneare only a three piece, they can certainly make a loud noise and still make it sound truly heavy and epic at the same time. It has to be said Steven is a perfect guitar frontman as he plays intricate guitar flowing licks with ease and he still manages to hit every single vocal note; a natural born frontman and the perfect conductor for tonight’s rock opera. (5/5).


Words by Aaron Wilson (@soundslikeajw)


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