Live Review: Man Overboard, Moose Blood, Roam and Smile and Burn – Oran Mor, Glasgow – 01/05/2015

This was almost the tour that never was, after issues with support bands, a six month postponement and then a venue change, it almost seemed like Man Overboard were never going to make it back over to the UK. The kings of old school pop punk, more The Starting Line than The Story So Far, were finally here. With Moose Blood, Roam and Smile and Burn in tow, we were set for a fantastic evening.

With the room still filling up Smile and Burn have the daunting task of opening the show.The German pop punk outfit did a fantastic job of getting everyone on their feet. Their ska tinged rhythms on tracks like ‘Apologies and Alibis’ soon had everyone interested and engaged. Their classic upbeat pop punk sound made for an extremely entertaining watch. The real punk sound and gritty vocals reminded us of Billy Talent which is no bad thing. Overall their set was short and entertaining without leaving a massive lasting impression, we will certainly see more of Smile and Burn in the future. (3/5)

Roam are next up. They have had a huge 12 months, from supporting fellow UK pop punk giants Neck Deep to signing to Hopeless Records in the States. There is an air of expectation as they hit the stage and Roam totally lived up to the hype. A fantastic blend of bouncy, new school pop punk riffs and dual vocals courtesy of Alex Costello and Alex Adam really gets the front of the room moving. Roam are really tight live, especially for such a young group of musicians. Costello commands the stage and first few rows like any good pop punk frontman. It is easy to see why they have garnered so much attention from overseas, it is impossible not to compare their sound to The Story So far. All in all a great uplifting set that fills the room with energy.Roam really put on a show, expect to see them touring off their own backs soon. (3/5)

Moose Blood have rightfully gained a huge name for themselves since the release of their debut album. They are set to play the entire Warped Tour Stateside and are signed to No Sleep Records which is no mean feat for a band less than three years old. It is clear that many people are here to see Moose Blood just as much, if not more than our headliners Man Overboard. From the very start of their set the crowd is under frontman Eddy Brewerton’s command. The singalongs were so loud they drowned the band out at times. It is clear that Moose Blood are really set for something special. The room physically bounced to ‘Bukowski’ and ‘Pops’. There is something about Moose Blood and the hype surrounding them that is hard to explain, but it is utterly fantastic to see a UK band at the top of their game. This could have easily been their show. (5/5)

Man Overboard take to the stage to a fantastic reception from the fans that have waited since November for this gig to happen. They play their way through a hit filled career spanning set, the crowd singing ever word.‘Dead End Dreams’ was a highlight, the first few rows were a mess of arms and legs as people crowd surfed and jumped along to their hearts content. Songs from latest album ‘Heart Attack’ were well received, ‘Where I Left You’ is an instant classic. The band were extremely tight which you would expect from years of touring. Front men Zac and Nick with their unique Blink 182 brand of humour had the crowd hanging on their every word. ‘Love Your Friends, Die Laughing’ was the loudest singalong of the evening and brought a fantastic evening to a close. It is clear that pop punk is in very good hands both in the US and the UK. Please hurry back Man Overboard. (4/5)


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Words by Andy McGonigle (@andyjmcg87). Photo Credit: Rob Soucy.


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