Live Review: Maybeshewill, Bossk, and Lys Morke – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – 16/05/2024

On paper, combining two of the country’s best “post-” bands in Maybeshewill and Bossk is mouth-watering for many. Tonight’s outing in Nottingham is part of a five-date run that sees both bands celebrate their past. With their individual, and collective, influence growing, tonight is a reminder of their musical prowess.

However, before the double punch of all things “post-“, Barcelona-based artist Lys Morke showcases her brand of atmospheric and industrial brand of experimental pop. Two musicians flank vocalist Irene Talló, together they ebb and flow between pulsating basslines and ethereal harmonies. Talló’s vocals are reminiscent of A.A.Williams, having a compelling quality, leaving an impression as she prepares to release a new EP, ‘Knife Therapy’, in July. (3/5)

Tonight’s doubleheader begins with Maybeshewill‘s keyboardist Matthew Daly performing an adaptation of Bossk‘s ‘The Reverie’. Succulently building atmosphere, it brings together both band’s sounds together brilliantly. As the Kent quintet take to the stage, the ravaged riffs of ‘Pick Up Artist’ allow guitarists Alex Hamilton and Rob Vaughan to ignite with Simon Wright’s growls simply adding to Bossk‘s urgency. Yet as they pull things back, showcasing their dynamic craftsmanship, it’s soon obvious how finely tuned Hamilton, Vaughn, Tom Begley (bass) and Nick Corney (drums) are as a unit.

Throughout their set, tracks such as ‘Menhir’ and ‘Kobe’ demonstrate Bossk‘s ability to pull you in through rich, textured instrumentation, only for Wright’s screams to erupt with a volcanic scorch. Moulding elements of doom metal into their post-metal arsenal proves to be equally devastating and stunning. This is taken up a notch with ‘Heliopause’s striking and bold delivery before Josh McKeown (Palm Reader/Vower) makes an appreciative guest appearance for ‘HTV-3’. While Wright’s vocals are used sparingly, he’s constantly an intense presence as his bandmates ride on the stoner/prog metal groove of ‘Atom Smasher’. Like many in attendance, he too gets drawn in and lost in Bossk‘s sprawling instrumentation as ‘Lira’ rounds out their set.

On this outing, it’s clear why Bossk have been carrying the UK post-metal flag for over a decade. Their lengthy, shapeshifting ability proves to be riveting, demonstrating a well-paced balance of heavy and ambience. (4.5/5)

Considerably, Maybeshewill is Bossk‘s yin to their yang. Yet the Leicester-based group are far from upstaged as they close out tonight’s show. The introductory pairing of ‘Opening’ and ‘Take This To Heart’ soon set the tone for what’s to come. The quintet quickly demonstrate a versatile and cinematic sound, one that you can easily get lost in. While their contemporaries in Bossk hone in on density, Maybeshewill can craft wonderful soundscapes such as ‘Zarah’ and longtime fan favourite, ‘Red Paper Lanterns’. Matthew Daly’s keys and synth work provide a heavenly, blissful tone as guitarists John Helps and Robin Southby lead with ethereal and dynamic execution. And while they apologise for calling one of their tracks ‘The Paris Hilton Sex Tape’, all is soon forgiven as the utilised distortion, twinkling piano keys, and James Collins’s dominating drums prove Maybeshewill can be direct.

There’s no doubt that Helps and Southby are capable are riffing away, as soon demonstrated with ‘Seraphim & Cherubim’ and ‘Accolades’. Yet it’s their collective ability to swoon the crowd with stargazing wonderous that is considerably their strong point. Completed by bassist Jamie Ward, Maybeshewill effortlessly delivers riveting, towering soundscapes in the form of ‘In Amber’ and ‘We’ve Arrived at the Burning Building’, implementing a satisfying richness in the process.

Nonetheless, much like their fellow co-headliners, the silhouette-lit quintet shows there is a rawness to their dynamism. As always, Peter Finch’s spoken word sample from ‘Network’ on ‘Not for Want of Trying’ is stirring, evocative, and brilliantly executed alongside the band’s raucous blasts. The night ends on a heartwarming sing-a-long with ‘He Films The Clouds Pt 2’ as a packed-out Rescue Rooms crowd played the role of choir. (4.5/5)

Tonight’s outing, and this tour as a whole, proved to be a celebration of the two band’s longevity, and their ability to produce emotive music with very few words. Bossk and Maybeshewill questionably paint with different palettes, yet they’re entwined by their ability to make immersive music. While the addition of Lys Morke merely added to the multi-sensory stimulation provided tonight. Collectively, they delivered a textured, enthralling, and superb night of all things “post-“.



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