It was a pleasant surprise to find out that one of Glasgow’s tiniest basement live music spaces, Broadcast, would play host to such a fantastic evening of noisy pop given the buzz surrounding Nai Harvest in the last few months. Their soon to be released album ‘Hairball’ has received some fantastic praise and publicity from the music press, and many people are curious to hear how the new sound will go down live. One thing was for certain, at this show Already Heard was in for a real treat.

Local boys Pinact took to the stage while most people were still in the bar upstairs, but their brand of grunge pop soon had the room filling up. Much like the headliners Nai Harvest, Pinact are a two piece, but you would be forgiven for thinking it was a full band as they trashed their way through their set at a frenetic pace. Vocalist Corrie Gillies did a great job of channelling his inner J Mascis throughout, combining fuzz fuelled luscious guitar melodies with his unique vocal style. With a full length on the way, expect to hear more from Pinact in the very near future. (3/5)

Best Friends were next up, bringing their own unique take on garage pop. It is no shock that they share a similar sort of sound to the newer Nai Harvest material given that the members are from the same city and even share houses. They may not have the most complex or varied sound, but they certainly provide the perfect warm up for the ever growing crowd making its way into Broadcast for the main event. (3/5)

As Nai Harvest took to the stage, the crowd surged towards the stage for the first time all evening, eager to hear the new songs live. And they certainly weren’t disappointed, judging by this show Nai Harvest have now totally came into their own. New songs like ‘Ocean of Madness’ and ‘Melanie’ translate extremely well live, and even older songs like ‘Hold Open My Head’ had a new found youthful exuberance that matched the sound of the new album. It is clear for all to see that this is set to be massive a year for the duo. The new album is fantastic and they seem really comfortable in their own sound live. If you get the chance to catch them on this tour, make sure you do. This could well be their last tour playing smaller rooms. (4/5)


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Words by Andy McGonigle (@andyjmcg87)

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