For a band that has released six albums, this year’s ‘Ex Lives’ has to be their most critically acclaimed album to date. With nothing but rave reviews for it I have high hopes for tonight’s gig and expect to see something special and the band don’t disappoint.

View on Flickr. Photos by J Leadbetter.

Last Witness start the night off with their brand of heavy laden hardcore riffs, first support acts always have the task of getting the crowd going and they certainly have a difficult task. The band’s songs sound heavy live but the crowd don’t really react too well and the band leaves the stage having not really impressed the crowd at all. (1.5/5)

What happens next is how the night should have started, pits erupt and hardcore dancing ensues as New York’s Stray From The Path play their way through some impressive hardcore infused songs. Frontman Drew York really knows how to work the crowd, getting in people’s faces at the barrier and getting everyone who dressed up for Halloween to run in the circle pit. It’s great to finally see some crowd movement and is an impressive set from the band. (3/5)

View on Flickr. Photos by J Leadbetter.

Up next is of course who everyone has turned up to see on Halloween night, Every Time I Die. Starting off with the riff laden ‘Apocalypse Now And Then’ the band are firing on all cylinders and the crowd are loving every moment. Songs like ‘Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space’, ‘Kill The Music’, ‘Ebolarama’ and ‘No Son Of Mine’ all sound impressive and heavy live. The crowd throughout the bands hour long plus set go crazy from circle pits to plenty of crowd surfers it’s a hot and very sweaty affair.

View on Flickr. Photos by J Leadbetter.

The band even break out and play older songs ‘Emergency Broadcast Syndrome’ and ‘The Logic Of Crocodiles’ from their first album and of course the hardcore fans at the barrier scream to every word. As the band play through their final two songs ‘We’rewolf’ and ‘Floater’ the crowd give it their all one last time and the band go off stage knowing they’ve played a perfect set. (5/5)

Tonight’s gig feels special, to see a band that has been around for numerous years move from supporting slots to memorable headliners is great to see.


Words by Aaron Wilson (@soundslikeajw). Photos by J Leadbetter (@J_Clique).

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