Unfortunately due to the massive queue to get inside the Garage we missed the talented Into It. Over It. However from speaking with others we heard nothing but good things.

Photos by Sarah Louise Bennett.

By the time Make Do and Mend take to the stage the Garage is near full and the crowd rush forward as the first few notes of ‘Unknowingly Strong’ resonate throughout the room. Guitarist and vocalist James is on fire tonight, his trademark gruff vocals being belted out with the compassion that everyone familiar with Make Do and Mend has come to love. The band plays a short set which features mostly tracks from new album ‘Everything You Ever Loved’. These tracks sound absolutely huge live and the atmosphere in the Garage is electric. 4.5/5

Photos by Sarah Louise Bennett.

Next up are Title Fight¸ and it would appear that nearly everyone is here to see them. The rush towards the front and the sheer volume generated by the crowd as the band take to the stage is remarkable. The band plays a lengthy set comprising songs from newly released album ‘Floral Green’ as well as debut album ‘Shed’. Having been a little bit sceptical about both albums, the tracks really do work well live and their blend of early emo/post-hardcore is really rather refreshing. We’re even treated to a handful of old songs such ‘Symmetry’ and ‘No One Stays At The Top Forever’. At times it did feel like the band played a little too long, however you could certainly tell they were enjoying themselves so we’ll forgive them for that. 4/5.

Photos by Sarah Louise Bennett.

Rather oddly the venue seems to empty quite a bit before La Dispute can take to the stage and do their bit. When they do though it’s a much more relaxed affair; that’s not to say the crowd doesn’t show their appreciation. But their music is a much more sophisticated type where endlessly jumping into the crowd isn’t the norm. The sheer passion the band has for their music truly does shine in a live setting as does their ability musically as a band. It almost seems like the band aren’t really trying which is quite something. Jordan Dreyer flails around on the stage whilst hitting every note perfectly; a true craftsman. Having watched La Dispute in the past and seen them play a ‘Wildlife’ orientated set it left us feeling a little bit short-changed.

However, Thursday night the band redeemed their selves; the set is full of variety and never feels boring at all. They even play ‘St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues’ live for the first time and it sounds mind blowing. All doubts we had about ‘Wildlife’ are forgotten. The thing with La Dispute is there are no frills or bravado, it’s purely down to the music and lyrics and that’s it. They chose to close their set with ‘King Park’ and the places goes nuts, what a way to end a fantastic night of live music. 

For us La Dispute take the crown as band of the night, they take to the stage and get straight to business. They play beautiful, well crafted and thought provoking music. Their set never feels dulls, we genuinely could watch them do that set all over again. A well deserved 5/5 for La Dispute


Words by Colin Henderson

Photos by Sarah Louise Bennett.

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