Live Review: Press to Meco – The Shed, Leicester – 23/10/15

Live Review: Press to Meco - The Shed, Leicester - 23/10/15It’s been a busy year for Press to Meco. The South London three-piece have spent months playing numerous shows, including festival performances at the likes of Hevy Fest and Tech-Fest, building anticipation for their debut album ‘Good Intent’, which was finally released on October 16th. With this show at The Shed in Leicester, the band brought the album release tour to a close and as the end of the year draws in, they have every right to be proud of what they’ve achieved.

Unsurprisingly, with a new album to promote, tracks from ‘Good Intent’ dominated the set-list and in a live setting they’re even punchier than on record. The three-part vocal harmonies, which give Press to Meco their distinctive, signature sound were flawless throughout the performance and seeing the intricate harmonies being formed on stage is even more impressive than hearing it on record, particularly given the perfect execution of every note.

All three members of the band are equally good singers, allowing the freedom to rotate lead vocals as the set goes on, and this gives the show a different dynamic to the traditional band setup. Despite the constant switching of vocal parts and the need to pitch perfect harmonies, the instrumental aspects never suffered. The performance was as tight as the studio recordings, which is particularly impressive given that ‘Good Intent’ is awash with technically challenging variations in time signatures and tempos.

The Shed’s elevated stage gave the band a literal platform to showcase their set and they used it well, interacting with the crowd through light-hearted humour and encouragement for as much participation as possible. It demonstrated the kind of confidence and ownership that a headlining band needs and already, having only just released their debut album, they’re showing all the signs of becoming a major player in the UK’s live scene.

‘Good Intent’ is a great record but it’s even more impressive live. The punchy riffs are heavier, the transitions are more impactful and seeing the harmonies formed on stage gives you an even bigger appreciation for just how technically impressive they are. It also reminds you how rare it is to hear vocal harmonies to this degree in alternative music, but given how brilliantly Press to Meco managed to integrate them with heavy riffs and uptempo rhythms, we’re grateful that they’re around to show us what we’ve been missing.


Words by Mark Johnson (@Testwood)


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