Live Review: Redfest 2013 – Saturday (27/7/2013)

Despite having been dumped with the opening slot, metalcore outfit A Room Swept White not only pulls an impressive crowd, but also manage to blast last night’s hangovers away with a fantastic set. (4/5) While they draw a less impressive following, Freeze The Atlantic quickly establish themselves as ones to watch with a storming set that would put much more establish bands in the shade. Their rock n roll sound may not fit in with the rest of the bill, but they stick put for all the right reasons, even getting a tiny circle pit going. (4/5) Relative newcomers The Valiant manage to deliver a memorable set, purely based on the charisma of front man Ben Byrne. With a strong set and some of the tightest instrumentation of the weekend, The Valiant are guaranteed to climb the bill. (4/5) 

Legend In Japan they may be, but this four-piece fail to leave a lasting impression. A carbon copy of The Distillers with none of the bite, with songs about “taking all the drugs” and “a ballad for a fucking bitch, fuck you you cunt”. Interspersed with irritating stage banter, you’d need to be on drugs to tolerate their set. (1/5)  Benefiting from the downpour which appeared from nowhere, The Callback Academy deliver an average set which blends metalcore and pop punk with mixed results. Their pop punk tinged tracks are the decidedly better of their set list. (3/5) Empress continues to establish their reputation as an integral live powerhouse with yet  another solid performance. Their debut album next year will be one to watch. (4/5)

With The Zico Chain and The JCQ swapping sets at the last minute, there is some confusion as they take to the stage to deliver 25 minutes of classic rock. Their Iron Maiden-style vibes stand out in such a hardcore heavy bill, going down a treat with the audience, who are warm and responsive. (4/5) When The JCQ finally takes to the stage 20 minutes after their revised slot, they’re greeted with a restless and partially empty crowd. Further blighted by mic problems, it’s lucky that once The JCQ gets rolling they’re one of the most exciting bands of the weekend. Single ‘Ghost Diffuse’ sounds amazing and their Glassjaw-tinged vocals really cement the band as one of the big up-and-comers of the live scene. (5/5)

Feed The Rhino are on fire Saturday night, delivering an amazing set that captivates the audience. Clearly in their element in a festival environment, they know just what to do to keep the crowd engaged and keep even the drunkest and most weary crowd members on their feet. Feed The Rhino display just why every other band on the bill so far has name checked them as ones to watch. (5/5) Blending a no-fucks-given attitude with an intense thrash sound, there’s plenty of reason to check out Turbowolf. The penultimate set of the weekend, they mix electronic elements into their thrash sound managing to create an intense live show which is absolutely crazy. Fun, rock n roll and absolutely captivating to watch, Turbowolf know exactly how to bring the party. (4/5)

Finally Bleed from Within take to the stage, bringing with them a set that’s designed to wrench every last bit of energy from you with a banging collection of mosh ready anthems. While not as accessible as Turbowolf,  their set descends the Hype tent into a chaotic mess of moshing and two-stepping. Frontman Scott Kennedy doesn’t pause for breath throughout the set, the whole band are absolutely exhausting to watch as they deliver a mix of hits encompassing their well received latest album ‘Uprising’. Bleed From Within successfully close the festival on a high as everyone limps away satiated and sweaty (5/5).

Words by Jay Sullivan


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