Proceedings and expectations are warmed by garage punk duo/brothers The Bots, who have recently sparked a wave of interest and a hint of controversy amongst music fans and press alike. Whilst their material is somewhat repetitive and borderline tedious at times, these two young gentlemen sure have heaps of entertaining energy and from the smiles on their faces, you can tell that they feel very privileged to be here. By the end of it, you realise that regardless of how hyped or unoriginal they are, seeing a young group play to hundreds of people is something to be admired and also proves that nothing is impossible.

All anxious eyes become fixed and riled as a dark shroud descends in front of the stage. Enduring fifteen minutes of impatient tension really starts to spark the curious minds of the crowd who have been searching for a very long time and have at long last uncovered the legend that is Refused, a force who unleashes itself from the past into the present day crowd with shattering effects.

The Swedish legends are nothing more than a sheer brilliant spectacle of musicianship, a band that plays their songs as though they were purchased fresh from the market. It’s difficult to come to terms that the unexpected notion of hearing the words to these songs in a live setting with both band and crowd in shouting back to one another. The likes of ‘Rather Be Dead’ and ‘The Deadly Rhythm’ whip up a fast frenzy of drenched circle pits and fiery carnage. ‘Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine’ is passionately played with thorough showmanship that it’s hard not to be in a complete state of awe and happy-inspired rage. Coupling this with frontman Dennis Lyxzen’s positive words about how grateful they are to be here, solidifies that this reunion is pure and clear entertainment for the sake of musicianship.

A rowdy encore and a loss for words later, the band return to play their pinnacle signature song, ‘New Noise,’ which unsurprisingly but wonderfully gets the biggest reaction of the night and results in an aftermath of smoothly incarcerated massacre mixed in with tired but satisfied grins. Ending with ‘Tannhauser/Derive’ in cool mist and blinding lights, Refused have definitely lived up to their promise of a truly magnificent show, and leave the crowd with words that are so befitting to what has happened here, “boredom won’t get me tonight.” This is indeed the case and all that is left fixed in the hearts and souls of the audience is a superb event that will never be forgotten for the rest of their days.


Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)

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