imageThe Cockpit plays host to many of Leeds’ gigs, especially now since The Well has been left well and truly dry. It’s in the largest room at the far end in this railway arch that tonight’s bands have settled into. It’s not the biggest venue in Leeds but more room may be needed for Your Demise in future.

FACT are from Japan and really do try their damned hardest to get some crowd involvement which is inevitable at a hardcore show. It’s the third song that has some clapping from those in the crowd who are already fans, but those who haven’t heard of FACT before don’t really seem to care, which is a real shame. The first breakdown of the night keeps the low end chugging as the pit opens up like the Chamber Of Secrets. From here on in there’s nothing more given back from the crowd, despite the 4 sets of backing vocals and the only time you’ll probably witness a glockenspiel being played in a bill like this. Oh, and the terrible sound didn’t help either. Good effort from the crazy talents of FACT but they’re just not welcomed warmly yet. (3/5)

The sound is suddenly a heck of a lot better as Counterparts emotionally empty their melodic hardcore onto and into the crowd with mic involvement being a key ingredient with those at the front ready to lap it up. The band display a tight performance. The band do sound quite similar to Defeater at times, but that’s certainly not a bad thing, and Counterparts should be hitting the same levels that Defeater have over here. It’s a mesmerising performance that will be even better when more of the UK knows about Counterparts. It’s been a long time coming waiting for their return over here but it’s a definite success. (3.5/5)

A lot of t shirts in the room had been badged with a capitalised H and being the Sherlock that I am I realised that these figures were Heights fans. As again suspected by my detective skills, these said figures were at one with Heights, ie on stage and then diving/jumping/flailing off again a whole manner of times and helped to portray a show of entertainment, raising the bar to new… levels. Every member of Heights seems to interact with the crowd when they can and it’s this level of involvement that will surely help them to gather in new fans throughout this tour. I hadn’t heard any music by Heights before but I was pleasantly surprised. Job well done! (3.5/5)

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and listened to Your Demise and so I’m perpetually confused by the hip hop intro music. I’ve no idea what the song is either, although there’s plenty who do or at least pretend to know it and it certainly gets them hyped up. It’s clear from the get go that Your Demise are the headline band. Ed McRae glides across the front of the crowd as if swag was a drug flowing through his veins. He’s got this confidence and frontman manner just oozing out of his pores and it’s easy for him to whip up a frenzy from the frantic lot in front of him.

The word riot plays a part from about the 4th song in as about 20 or so teens/twenty somethings have invaded the stage. Amongst the oversized shirts and beanies it’s hard to see who is actually making the noise blaring from the stage as the hardcore riffs and half time beats keep on coming. Mic giving, stage dives/jumps/flails and just plenty of riotous movement and actions are found throughout the room. No matter who you’re here for tonight (as let it be known that Your Demise have always picked fantastic support for their tours) it’s hard to not applaud at what exactly Your Demise can cook up. It’s a headline show and it’s entertainment. As Ed said earlier in the night “This is The Golden Age, and there’s nothing you can do about it”. I think he’s right. (4/5)

Words by Michael Brown (@MikeyMiracle)

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