Moodring Detail New EP and Release New Song


Florida alt-metallers Moodring have been a band that impressed me for quite some time. Last year’s ‘Stargazer’ full-length showcased their ability to effortlessly blend and transition into different styles and genres.

Now the trio have revealed plans to release a new EP titled ‘YOUR LIGHT FADES AWAY’. It will be released through UNFD on July 14th and consists of three tracks.

The first of these is ‘WOULDYOUWAITFORME?’, which you can hear below. It combines Moodring‘s ethereal melodies with an underpinned intensity that explodes in its chorus.

According to singer Hunter Young, ‘WOULDYOUWAITFORME?’ is “a song about the fragile fibers pulled taut between opposing feelings. It’s a love song about hating to love and loving to hate, devoted to a toxic desire which remains constant even though it suffocates and consumes. The song reflects these contrasts in its mashing of sultry, sensual melodies with high angst and screaming desperation.”

Young also commented on Moodring‘s aims on the new tracks, stating “We really wanted to push ourselves to experiment with vocals on these new songs, and find a way to work our signature chorus hook in amongst new approaches to melody and aggression. And the fact that it was written whilst Hurricane Ian raged literally outside the studio windows very likely contributed to the stormy, dramatic tones and emotions within the track.”

Here are the full details of Moodring’s new EP

Moodring‘s new EP, ‘YOUR LIGHT FADES AWAY’, will be released on July 14th via UNFD.


Fans can pre-save the EP here.




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