#NewMusicFriday (July 14th 2023)

After a week away at the 2000trees Festival, your weekly round-up of #NewMusicFriday releases is back. There are quite a few noteworthy releases to sink your teeth into this week.

First of all, there is the fourth full-length from Pvris, music from Eurovision-bothering Aussie’s Voyager, a fleeting reminder of Moodring‘s potential, and a second full-length from abrasive metalcore mob Chamber.

If you’re wanting more heaviness, there’s the debut outing from Indonesia’s Voice of Baceprot, as well as music from Evile, Crown Magnetar, and Kim Dracula. At the other end of the spectrum, Cardiff’s Aaronson provides a succulent piece of post-rock that is sure to please fans of Explosions In The Sky, and Mogwai.

Looking slightly further ahead (to Monday exactly), Nottingham melodic rockers Lacey will be returning with a new album.

Pvris – Evergreen

At one point it looked like Pvris was on the path to become the next arena-ready pop-rock act. However, since bursting onto the scene with ‘White Noise’ almost 10 years ago, Pvris and Lynn Gunn have expanded from its synth-laden rock origins to become more dynamic.

Album number four, ‘Evergreen’, picks up from where 2020’s Use Me’ left off. After years of personal turbulence, Gunn has found confidence in herself as a musician and songwriter. The result of this is a bold, electropop-heavy album that explores new sonic territory (see ‘Senti-Mental’). Delivered with an abundance of urgency, ‘Good Enemy’ and ‘Goddess’ swell with density. The latter is carried by a gritty riff and a rising melody. Whereas ‘Animal’ and ‘Hype Zombies’ have a tendency to thrive off a dark intensity. Later cuts, ‘Headlights’ and ‘Anywhere But Here’ firmly lean on chilled-out pop traits.

As a vocalist, Gunn has constantly shown confidence. On this outing, she’s able to convey her emotion, whether that’s anger, turmoil, sadness, or her vulnerability with precision. It provides ‘Evergreen’ with a raw spine. While the reliance on electropop elements can, at times, be excessive, Gunn seems to have found her comfort zone. It’s allowed her to experiment and become a flexible artist, unconfined by genre boundaries.

Although it’s a cohesive set of songs, those yearning for Pvris‘ early days will be disappointed. Everyone else can feed off the heavy beats and thoroughly honest songwriting capability of Lynn Gunn.

Voyager – Fearless In Love

Before their Eurovision adventure earlier this year, Voyager were on course to evolve from their prog metal roots. For example, 2019’s ‘Colours In The Sun’ was considered their poppiest record to date. Now their eighth full-length, ‘Fearless In Love’ arrives off the back of a wave of attention that has seen the Aussie group’s profile certainly rise.

Although they could have gone all in and cashed out their Eurovision trip miles, ‘Fearless In Love’ maintains Voyager‘s progressive roots. Tracks such as ‘Prince of Fire’‘Ultraviolet’, and ‘The Lamenting’ exemplify this with chunky riffs, thick drum work, and atmospheric keys.

While songs such as ‘Dreamer,’ ‘Twisted’ and ‘Promise’ both embrace a bold neon-drenched electro sound. Yet the latter nicely finds a middle ground to contain Voyager‘s past and present. This is further explored on ‘Submarine’, a mid-album highlight. It’s elevated by the band’s musical muscle, Danny Estrin’s soaring vocals and irresistible synth melody.

Ideally, ‘Fearless In Love’ is delivered with a theatrical grandeur, crafted with a prog metal mindset, it soars in glimmering synths and pop-laden melodies (for example ‘Daydream’). Likewise, album finale ‘Gren (Fearless In Love)‘ doubles down on the sheer epicness that Voyager are able to conjure up.

Moodring – Your Light Fades Away

Florida’s Moodring have gradually been making a name for themselves with their subtly experimental spin of alt-metal. Taking in elements of nu-metal, metalcore, and industry, the trio have carved out a captivating sound.

While ‘Your Light Fades Away’ is only a three-track release, it’s still able to pack an almighty punch. From the outset, ‘SHI=DEATH’ explodes from its shimmering synths with steely, metallic blasts. Alongside some electronic breakbeats and Moodring‘s signature melody play, you’re left with a satisfying and distorted package.

‘BLACK_WAVE’ thrives on an ugly groove, indebted to ‘Around the Fur’-era Deftones, it’s a chugging, contorted onslaught that somehow worms its way to a combustible chorus. Whereas ‘WOULDYOUWAITFORME?’ pulls in elements from the first two tracks to produce a thriving, energetic finale. Heavy, twisting instrumentation and soaring melodies is where Moodring flourishes. It’s beautifully chaotic.

At three songs deep, ‘Your Light Fades Away’ is an all-too-brief reminder of Moodring‘s capabilities. However, they’re still able to explore and expand their sound by wielding together different elements and genres. It ultimately makes for an exciting future for Moodring.

Lacey – This Is All We Are

Nottingham four-piece Lacey have always had a flair for delivering anthemic alt-rock. However, as they return with their first album in five years with ‘This Is All We Are’, their intentions are to show a darker, more honest account of themselves.

On the surface songs such as ‘Maybe I’m Alive’ and ‘Easy Way Out’ are slicker than normal. However, there’s a bleak lyrical undertone that threads these 14 tracks together. By exploring themes such as insecurity and self-loathing. Lacey‘s approach of taking the rough with the smooth works well. For every irresistible energetic blast (see ‘Dream In A Little Less Colour’), there’s a contrasting impassioned moment that leaves you floored. For example, recent single ‘Middle England‘s slow-burning, layered build pays off in an epic fashion.

From the late summer vibes of ‘You Can’t Compete With History’ to the soaring rock of ‘Answers’Lacey stylistically cover plenty of ground, even if they play it a little too safe at times (‘I Always Tell The Truth (Even When I Lie)’). Nevertheless, with the powerful vocal talents of Graham “Graz” Turner at the forefront, they’re still able to come through with an energetic and personal album.

‘This Is All We Are’ by Lacey is released on Monday, July 17th.

What is out on #NewMusicFriday?

Pvris – Evergreen
Voyager – Fearless In Love
Moodring – Your Light Fades Away
Chamber – A Love To Kill For
Lacey – This Is All We Are*
Clutch – PA Tapes (Live in Seattle 10-10-2022)
Charlotte Sands – Good Now EP
Voice of Baceprot – Retas
The Devil’s Trade – Vidékek vannak idebenn
Evile – The Unknown
Crown Magnetar – Everything Bleeds
The Parallax Method – Folie à Trois
Kim Dracula – A Gradual Decline In Morale
Deitus – Irreversible
Lavalove – Love Sick
Just Happy To Be Here – Ready as I’m Gonna Be
Aaronson – The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under
Palehound – Eye On The Bat
Isadora Eden – Forget What Makes It Glow

*released Monday, July 17th

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