#NewMusicFriday (June 23rd 2023)

Although many music fans will be getting all caught up in the Glastonbury hype this weekend, we’re all about today’s new releases.

This week’s #NewMusicFriday is led by the return of Aussie favourites Trophy Eyes as they return with ‘Suicide and Sunshine’, their first album in five years.

There is also debut full-lengths from Militarie GunHoney Revenge, and indie/folk-punks Toodles & the Hectic Pity. While emerging British alt-metal outfit Vexed return with ‘Negative Energy’.

There is also new releases from Power TripThis Wild LifeBurner, post-hardcore newcomers EXTS and more.

Trophy Eyes – Suicide and Sunshine

This could have been Trophy Eyes‘ swan song. Ahead of creating ‘Suicide and Sunshine’, the quartet had intended on it being their final album. However, thankfully that’s not the case as their fourth album has reinvigorated the connection between the four-piece, meaning there’s more life in Trophy Eyes yet.

As for ‘Suicide and Sunshine’ itself, the album sees frontman John Floreani and company explore the highs and lows of life; friendship, loss, and so on. Its lyrical density is complemented by a dynamic range of styles and sounds. From the atmospheric introduction of ‘Life in Slow Motion’ to the angst-ridden-stomp of  ‘People Like You’ to the raw acoustics of ‘Sweet Soft Sound’Trophy Eyes aren’t tied down.

Nonetheless, at their core Trophy Eyes still have a tendency to lean on hooks, but that’s not a complaint. ‘Runaway Come Home’ is dominated by Floreani’s stirring falsettos, and the playful synth keys on ‘Blue Eyed Boy’ are delightful. Whereas ‘Stay Home’ leads to a towering chorus.

By becoming more dynamic, Trophy Eyes continue to evolve and be one of the more interesting bands of their ilk.

Read my review of ‘Suicide and Sunshine’ over on Punktastic.

Militarie Gun
Photo Credit: Daniel Topete

Militarie Gun – Life Under The Gun

Militarie Gun have a lot going for them. They’re managed by Jay Z’s Roc Nation, signed to Loma Vista (Ghost, Manchester Orchestra, Rise Against), and are tipped to be the “next big thing” in hardcore punk. And on the evidence of their debut album, ‘Life Under The Gun’, it’s rightly deserved.

Founded and fronted by music video director Ian Shelton (Regional Justice Center), Militarie Gun allows him to express his anxieties and frustrations. Yet while Shelton, along with William Acuña (guitar), Nick Cogan (guitar, also of Drug Church), and Vince Nguyen (drums), have been lumped with the hardcore punk tag, ‘Life Under The Gun’ firmly embraces melodies upon melodies.

Throughout there are jangly hooks that have an infectious quality. Recent single, ‘Very High’ brilliantly exemplifies this.  While Shelton’s diaristic words are often the focal point, the input of his bandmates shouldn’t be ignored. For example, take ‘My Friends Are Having a Hard Time’ and its winding hypnotic guitars, or the Oasis-like chord progression on ‘Never Fucked Up Once’.  Whereas ‘Will Logic’ has a contagious, razor-sharp quality.

When the melodies are mashed with a tough and weathered hardcore punk foundation, you’re left with an addictive 27 minutes. Shelton’s shout-singing style is ideally imperfect and complements the flourishes of raw, chugging guitars.

On the whole, Militarie Gun toe the fine line of melodic hardcore to a tee, grounded by a musical rawness it exceeds in its pop sensibilities. Highly recommended.

Honey Revenge – Retrovision

Like many up-and-coming pop-rock acts,  Honey Revenge‘s Devin Papado grew up on a diverse musical diet of Warped Tour, Disney Rock, and RnB. So it’s no surprise their debut album, ‘Retrovision’ is a slick, vibrant, and catchy set of songs.

Joined by Donovan Llyod, Honey Revenge quickly win you over with ‘Airhead’ and ‘Rerun’ with their infectious and energetic quality. ‘Sensitive’ cranks up the rock side of things while maintaining Papado’s impressive vocals, and ‘Are You Impressed? is an adrenaline rush of uncertainty. Whereas ‘Murphy’s Law’ neatly exemplifies the duo’s ability to execute the pop-heavy side of pop-punk.

While they’re far from reinventing the pop-rock wheel, Honey Revenge have a lyrical feistiness that blends in well with tried and tested genre tropes. Sure it’s not going to be for everyone, but amongst the wrath of pop-rock acts emerging, they do enough here to stand out.

What is out on #NewMusicFriday?

Trophy Eyes – Suicide and Sunshine
Militarie Gun – Life Under The Gun
Honey Revenge – Retrovision
Vexed – Negative Energy
Power Trip – Live In Seattle
This Wild Life – Never Fade
Burner – It All Returns to Nothing
Toodles & The Hectic Pity – Hold Onto Happiness With Both Hands
EXTS – The Fragile Space Between
Off Road Minivan – May This Keep You Safe From Harm
Ayron Jones – Chronicles Of The Kid
The Final Clause Of Tacitus – The Oxygen Is Killing You
Pollyanna Blue – Trials And Tribulations

If you think I’ve missed something or have a new album/EP/song to tell us about, tell us about it here.

If you’re looking for the latest tracks focusing on rock, punk, hardcore, metal, emo, and everything in between, then check out our ‘Newish Music’ playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.


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