#NewMusicFriday (May 5th 2023)

¢NewMusicFriday May 5th 2023

Already Heard is back and so is our weekly round-up of new music releases. 

Every Friday, I’ll be bringing a quick selection of new albums and EPs that have been released as part of #NewMusicFriday.

You can listen to them all below or over on Apple Music.

Photo Credit: Ryan Baxley

Drain – Living Proof

Santa Cruz hardcore outfit Drain have carved out a reputation of being one of the genre’s most exciting live bands. 2020’s ‘California Cursed’ gained plenty of praise and caught the attention of Epitaph Records. Three years on, ‘Living Proof’ arrives, upping the ante from its predecessor and embracing a well-balanced mix of thrash and 80’s/90’s hardcore. 

In Sammy Ciaramitaro, Drain has a relatable frontman who’s equally charismatic, furious, confrontational and motivational in his presence. While guitarist Cody Chavez and drummer Tim Flegal ferociously tear it up over the course of 25 or so minutes. 

At the core of ‘Living Proof’ is a fun, DIY mentality. Drain represents a thriving Californian that includes Scowl, Zulu, and Gulch. Collectively,  they have passion, conviction and quality that is hard to ignore. And in the case of ‘Living Proof‘, feeling those major party vibes!

Jamie Lenman 2023
Photo Credit: Jen Hingley

Jamie Lenman – Iknowyouknowiknow EP

Mr Jamie Lenman has long been a revered songwriter in the UK alt-rock scene. His latest release, ‘IknowyouknowIknow’, is an EP considered to be a companion to last year’s ‘The Atheist’ record. While Lenman says the six-track set is a collection of “odd ones out”, it’s a welcomed addition to his ever-diverse discography.

Undoubtedly, ‘IknowyouknowIknow’ allows Jamie Lenman to provide a snapshot of his songwriting talents. From the rich and melodic opener of ‘Words Of Love’, the charming bluesy folk of ‘Crazy Horse’, the rousing stomping tempo ‘The Last Supper, and the regret-laden tenderness of ‘I Done Things I Ain’t Proud Of,’ this an EP that grows which each listen. While an acoustic rendition of ‘This Town Will Never Let Us Go,’ a highlight from ‘The Atheist’ neatly ties the album and EP together.

‘IknowyouknowIknow’ isn’t an EP to be ignored as just a throwaway release made for the diehard Jamie Lenman fans. It simply furthers his credibility to continually produce a high-quality output.

It’s #BandcampFriday so support Jamie Lenman and Big Scary Monsters Records by purchasing the EP here.

Shit Present

Shit Present – What Still Gets Me

It’s been far too long since we heard from the emo power pop trio known as Shit Present. But after frontwoman Iona Cairns suffered three years of writers block, they’re back with a cathartic journey that allows Cairns to express all he emotions; confusion, lonliness, anger, anxiety, etc.

Joined by Thom Weeks (guitar, bass, vocals) and Ben Cottam (drums), ‘What Still Gets Me’ sees Iona take the shackles off. Tracks such as ‘Fuck It’ and its fuzzy riffs are lyrically direct and honest, epitomising Cairnes emotional release. The same can be said for early album highlght, ‘Voice In Your Head’, that sees Iona coming terms with her bipolar disorder.

Through all the lyrical despair, vulnerability, and angst, the trio come together to produce a melodically bold set of songs that constantly deliver hooks. While the DIY rawness of past releases have been somewhat smoothed off, ‘What Still Gets Me’ still allows Shit Present to thrive in delivering audacious hooks. For example, ‘Unravelling’ thrives in its rousing grunge-like skin. While songs such as ‘Beyond Tonight’ and ‘More To Lose’ simply have a rich quality that I can’t help but enjoy. Then there’s the jangly closer, ‘Talking About the Rain’, which tenderly builds to end a satisftying return for Shit Present.

Therapy? 2023
Photo Credit: Tom Hoad

Therapy? Hard Core Fire

As they enter their fourth decade as a band,  there’s simply no sign of fatigue for the Northern Ireland trio known as Therapy? Today sees them unleash their sixteenth album in the form of ‘Hard Core Fire’. It’s a monsterous onslaught of grunge-rock. 

Its 10 tracks sees the trio focused and invested on delivering an adundance of towering melodies, riffs, and heavy rhythms. Recent single, ‘Joy’ and ‘Poundland of Hope and Glory’ exemplify what ‘Hard Core Fire’ is about. Throughout there’s a lyrically dark undertone with songs such as ‘Ugly’ and ‘To Disappear’ seeing vocalist and guitarist Andy Cairns questioning his worth in a self-loathing manner. However, it’s combined with thrilling and explosive musicianship, that it’s hard to ignore.

Whether you’ve been on board with Therapy? for the best part of thirty years, or just discovering them, ‘Hard Core Fire’ is a testament to their ability to be progressive without leaning too much on their past.

What is out on #NewMusicFriday?

Drain – Living Proof
Therapy? – Hard Core Fire
Jamie Lenman – Iknowyouknowiknow
Shit Present – What Still Gets Me
The Smashing Pumpkins – ATUM – Act 3
Galactic Empire – Special Edition
The Devil Wears Prada – Color Decay (Deluxe Edition)
Grandson – I Love You, I’m Trying
BlackGold – Volume 2
Currents – The Death We Seek
Weathers – Are We Having Fun?
Clarence & The Modern Life – M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction)
In Fear – All Is. All Shall Be
Death Goals – A Garden Of Dead Flowers
The Lemon Twigs – Everything Harmony
Whitehall – Maizy
Morganway – Back To Zero
Blank Atlas – Dawn Chorus
Statues – Black Arcs Rising
Cyan Kicks – I Never Said 4Ever
Jeromes Dream – The Gray In Between
Blood Ceremony – The Old Ways Remain
Aleya – Idle Minds
Teeth – A Biblical Worship Of Violence
Krooked Tongue – Deathproof

If you think I’ve missed something or have a new album/EP/song to tell us about, tell us about it here.

If you’re looking for the latest tracks focusing on rock, punk, hardcore, metal, emo, and everything in between, then check out our ‘Newish Music’ playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.



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