As much as we love maintaining Already Heard, it comes at a price. Every contributor to the website does so voluntarily around full-time commitments. In an attempt to keep the site going, we have a Patreon page.

1. The Tip Jar:
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2. Independent Music Supporter:
For £5/$6.95 a month you will receive a handpicked release or compilation courtesy of our partnership with several independent labels from the UK, the US and Australia; Alcopop!, Basick, Big Scary Monsters, Crooked Noise, Disconnect Disconnect, Failure By Design, Holy Roar, Penultimate, Rose Coloured, Speaking Tongues, Specialist Subject and Take This To Heart.

This month’s (June 2018) reward comes from emerging Australian label, Penultimate Records. Since its formation, the label has become home to emo and pop-punk bands from Australia, the UK and America. Its growing roster includes Handguns, Forever Came Calling, Brightr, Satellites, Rain Check, and Bukowski.

We first introduced the latter a year ago with the release of their impressive debut EP, ‘grow up. give up. let go.’ With its blend of weighted pop-punk and soaring emo melodies, the Melbourne quartet certainly left their mark in a pool of emerging Aussie bands.

If you’ve yet to hear ‘grow up. give up. let go.’ then thankfully we can help you out. When you become an Independent Music Supporter on our Patreon, you’ll be rewarded with a free download of the EP as well as our past rewards including our ‘Thank You: Spring 2018’ compilation.

If you want to support on Already Heard on Patreon and get your copy of ‘grow up. give up. let go.’ then head this way!

Penultimate Records links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Bukowski links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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