We’re pleased to announce the latest instalment of our Patreon-exclusive ‘Thank You’ compilation series has been released.

‘Already Heard: Thank You – Spring 2019’ consists of 17 songs courtesy of our friends at Big Scary Monsters, Holy Roar Records, Specialist Subject Records, Lockjaw Records, Beth Shalom Records, and KROD Records.

‘Thank You – Spring 2019’ includes tracks from Jamie Lenman, Ithaca, We Never Learned To Live, The Get Up Kids, Fresh, Prince Daddy & The Hyena and more.

‘Already Heard: Thank You – Spring 2019’ is available to Already Heard Music Supporter tier patrons from just $2.62 a month (that’s around £2).

You can become a patron of Already Heard here.

Patreon supporters can access ‘Thank You: Spring 2019’ here.


‘Already Heard Collective’ Contributor

‘The AH Collective’ is a standalone playlist consisting of songs chosen by the AH team of writers and photographers.

However, there is a reason we’ve called it ‘The AH Collective’. We want to show our readers there’s no divide between us (the AH team) and them. So, we’re offering all Patreon supporters the chance to contribute to the playlist.

If you have a song or band that you’d like to see on the playlist, you can submit to be included when you become an Already Heard Patreon supporter.

Follow us on Spotify for more playlists.

Already Heard Music Supporter

For £2/$2.62 a month you will receive a handpicked release or compilation courtesy of our partnership with several independent labels from the UK, the US and Australia:

Aaahh!!! Real Records
Alcopop! Records
Basick Records
Beth Shalom Records
Big Scary Monsters
Crooked Noise
Disconnect Disconnect Records
Failure By Design Records
Holy Roar Records
KROD Records
Lockjaw Records
Penultimate Records
Rose Coloured Records
Speaking Tongues
Specialist Subject Records
Take This To Heart Records

You will digitally receive a compilation every two months, with a release from one of the above labels in the intervening months.

Thank you to the following people for supporting us on Patreon.

Joe Booley
Will Purcell
Sam Stead
Chris Garrett
Chris Coleshaw
Finnbar Connell
Mark Bussey
Laurie Cottingham
Marty Ryan
Jamie Otsa
Georgie Robbins

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