When it comes to modern-day pop-punk, almost no band have been going at it as long and hard as New Found Glory. For the past 20 years, they’ve been delivering pop-punk bangers in abundance! From the early classic records of ‘New Found Glory’ and ‘Sticks and Stones’ to the reflective ‘Coming Home’ to dipping into hardcore punk and alternative-rock on ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ and ‘Resurrection’ respectively, NFG have developed a solid catalogue of songs.

So when it came to compiling a “Best Of” playlist, we knew it was going to be a big task. Nevertheless, with New Found Glory being one of the most influential pop-punk (and beyond) bands in the past two decades, we called upon a whole load of bands to pick out their favourite NFG tunes. We’ve also sneaked in a few of our personal favourites on the playlist too.

Sincerely Me / Black and Blue

Oliver Burdett (Creeper): New Found Glory’s self-titled record was probably the most important of my childhood. I stick it on when I get up every year on my birthday. Also ‘Hit or Miss’ is still to the only song I have ever spent my mum’s phone bill money on.

Jason Coles (Pretty Little Enemy): It’s got to be ‘Sincerely Me’! I remember skating on Minehead seafront listening to that song on repeat as a young’un. It’s all about that intro bass riff!

Hit Or Miss

Billy Barber (Blindwish): Being a fan of pop-punk acts like Blink-182 and Sum 41, New Found Glory instantly became one of my favourite bands. ‘Hit or Miss’ was the one song that hit me where it counts and still to this day is one of my all-time favourite song.

All Downhill From Here

Steve Larke (Prey Drive): In my opinion, ‘Catalyst’ as an album was a huge step up for NFG. The production was slicker and the songs got heavier with more riffs but still maintaining that unmistakable NFG sound. ‘All Downhill From Here’ is a great track which starts an amazing album and definitely a favourite of mine.

Enrico Bertoni (Halflives): I remember listening to it ten years ago: for a simple reason (the title), it has been the first track in my very first pop-punkish playlists, at the beginning of my personal “pop/punk/emo” period, so I listened to it a lot. Sometimes I still find myself singing the chorus while I’m driving.

My Friends Over You

Enrico Bertoni (Halflives): This track reminds me a lot of the sense of rebellion against everybody I had when I was 16/17, especially regarding the first relationship issues coming along with growing up. It helped me understand that this kind of music was exactly what I need for the way I used to feel during those years.

It’s Been A Summer

James Mackenzie (You Win Again Gravity): Whilst our music has now ended up moving in something a different direction, it was NFG that were one of the main bands that originally got us into rock in general. This song instantly brings back all those nostalgic memories of growing up and listening to all this music where everything feels fresh and new.

Andrew Packwood (Pleiades): ‘Sticks and Stones’ was a gateway album for me. My older brother bought it home one day and it was on repeat around the house for months. ‘It’s Been a Summer’ is when the album picks up the pace again after ‘Head on Collision’ and it is an absolute banger!

Head On Collision

Miles Gill (ROAM): I remember listening to this all the time on my old Sony Ericsson phone in secondary school. ‘Nuff said.

Forget My Name

Jake Murray (Beaumont): Like most teenagers, I was obsessed with this album. It’s almost impossible to pick one track from this album but that stupidly catchy chorus just about gives it the edge. Whenever I hear this song, it’s guaranteed to transport me back to my teenage years and have me screaming along.

Dressed To Kill

Craig Lawrence (The Young Hearts): New Found Glory have been a love of mine since I first heard the self-titled record all those years ago. It brings back so many happy memories as a teenager, and I can still recite every word on that album. There are few bands as consistent and genuine as NFG; you cannot overestimate the influence they have had.

Coming Home

Alex Lantrua-Kissack (Sweet Little Machine): This song sums up everything to me about wanting to be in a band and what NFG do so well – catchy riffs, sing-along choruses and songs that make you want to jump around!

Failure’s Not Flattering

George Peploe (MassMatiks): New Found Glory is every rock/pop punk kids summer band. They take me back to an easier time of hanging out with friends, going to local gigs, underage drinking and playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. ‘Failure’s Not Flattering’ is a song that captivates from the start, making me want to throw my arms in the air and scream the chorus at the top of my lungs. Even while writing this, I can’t help but smile to myself.

Don’t Let Her Pull You Down

Jack Morris (Harbour Sharks): This is one of my favourite NFG songs. Just when people thought the golden era of pop-punk had ended NFG released this banger to defy the odds. Yes, it’s a classic theme about a relationship gone sour, but the way it’s written is refreshing with an energetic bounce. Gang vocals ahoy to make a powerful chorus. This is NFG proving they’re champions of pop-punk.

Truth Of My Youth

Miles Gill (ROAM): Put simply, this song is growing up condensed down into 3 minutes. A real anthem that has stuck with me since I first heard it.

Max Wingell (River Jumpers): I’ve always loved NFG and they’ll always have a special place in my heart. I’ve been a fan from the start and learned to drum along with early albums like ‘Sticks and Stones’ and ‘Catalyst’ but I love their more recent work too. ‘Truth Of My Youth’ is an absolute banger!

Boy Crazy

Mike Weakley (Figure It Out):
It really taught me that I can sing about whatever I want. If these guys can, so can I. As a 6th grader, just then getting into girls, it was one of my first anthems. The breakdown, in the end, was my favourite part.

Bobby Davies (Our Lives in Cinema):
It’s an old-school jam that I’m sure a lot of us sung along to at house parties. It’s a quintessential pop-punk song about girls and angst all the while sounding upbeat. NFG are pioneers and definitely a cornerstone of the genre, always bringing their A game to gigs and smashing it out of the park (for over 20 freakin’ years!). It’s hard to say that even the other pop-punk heavyweights have had as much influence as them.

That Thing You Do

Philip Cox (Fights And Fires): Back in the days dial-up internet, I remember spending a good chunk of a Saturday afternoon downloading this track. It was the first time I had heard New Found Glory and loved this cover instantly.

The Sound of Two Voices

Montana Voegtlin (Hang Tight): New Found Glory are one of those bands that made me who I am today. They opened the door for me into a whole new world of pop-punk, which eventually led me to my current band. I was hooked at a young age and I have seen them live more times than I can count.

This song proves that they can completely think outside of the box, and the world of pop-punk, with a calypso little mermaid vibe and still sound amazing and be relevant within the scene.


Alex Marshall (Miss Vincent): I loved this album (‘Resurrection’) because any band that can be this hungry after doing it this long needs kudos. This song has a great feel and totally demonstrates Chad [Gilbert]’s ability as the only guitarist. It’s full of hooks and even has a cameo by one of my favourite artists of all time, Anthony Raneri from Bayside. Always imitated, never matched, NFG are one of the constants in any millennial punk rock fan’s life.


Nick Freeman (All Tied Up): It’s just a song that’s stuck me since the very first time I heard it on the day ‘Sticks and Stones’ came out!Even now I get lost in it every time I listen to it, And especially after seeing it live when I was at the “This Disaster Show”. Fun fact: when I ordered my SJC snare drum, I got it made in the same colour Cyrus had his kit at that same show (saffron glitter) as it is was, and still is, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. That kit made such a lasting impression on me.


Cody Travis (Southview): ‘Situations’ is my favourite New Found Glory song partly because as a B-Side track, not a lot of people knew of the song. I like “discovering” new music, more-so than having it shared with me.

Dig My Own Grave

Jake Murray (Beaumont): The thing that made NFG stand out for me was the obvious influence Chad Gilbert’s hardcore roots had on the sound, I feel like a lot of pop-punk focuses too much on the pop and forgets about the punk. This track (and the whole EP) definitely features more of NFG’s hardcore side, but still, manages to retain the goofy catchiness that makes you love the band. Extra props for that main riff too, how can chugging an open string sound so cheerful?

‘Makes Me Sick’ by New Found Glory is out now on Hopeless Records.

New Found Glory continue their ’20 Years of Pop-Punk’ UK tour on the following dates:

September (support from ROAM)
27 ABC, Glasgow (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Catalyst’)
28 Academy, Newcastle (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘New Found Glory’)
29 Academy, Manchester (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Catalyst’)
30 Academy, Birmingham (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘New Found Glory’)
02 O2 Academy, Leeds (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Catalyst’)
03 Rock City, Nottingham (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘New Found Glory’)
05 Academy, Bristol (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘Catalyst’)
06 Forum, London (‘Sticks And Stones’ + ‘New Found Glory’)
07 Electric Ballroom, London (‘Catalyst’ + ‘Not Without A Fight’)
08 Underworld, London (‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ + ‘Coming Home’)

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Photo Credit: Paris Visone.

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