With upbeat melodies and harmonious choruses, Croydon’s Best of Enemies’ latest EP, ‘Sorry State’ sees the quartet striding forward, developing both lyrically and musically. However they’re not the only band from Croydon who are producing great music right now.

For this “Playlist” feature, the band have picked out 4 local bands to keep an eye out. They also tell us what the area has to offer for up-and-coming bands.

The Croydon scene has really picked up in the last couple of years and it’s great to see the area getting a better reputation for more than just dodgy chicken shops. It’s not just due to some of the bands listed in this article, but because of the people that run the venues. For example, Matthew’s Yard/Hoodoo’s always put on great nights, with an awesome sound as well as Scream Lounge who give young bands a chance to present themselves. We did our first gig there and have played the venue several times in previous bands.

We also have Banquet Records, our local independent record store just a few miles away in Kingston who do an excellent job promoting new music and getting the bigger names into venues such as The Fighting Cocks, The Cricketers, All Saints Church and even The Hippodrome nightclub. We’re quite proud to be a part of the scene and hold our heads high knowing that people from all over are visiting Kingston and Croydon for the music.

Chisel Beeches – You’re Boring

Chisel Beeches are an excellent band, charming, witty and a bit tongue in cheek. Rocky with a slight math-rock tint. Their new EP ‘In A Week, On A Whim’ is full of all the above. We’ve known the guys for a few years now, nice dudes, good tunes and great live. What more could you want?

Press to Meco – Means to An End

These guys are certainly making a name for themselves and it’s great to see them doing so well. This tune/video is great, not just for the Napoleon Dynamite parody – but it pin points each one of the guys’ talents and doesn’t prioritize one member of the band over another.

Bellevue Days – Ripped Jeans

Another band who are doing really well at the moment, and good friends of ours – Bellevue Days. We played our first ever show with these guys in Croydon and it’s been really cool to see their progression as a band. Check out their song ‘Ripped Jeans’.

NATIONS – Never Too Late

Nations are another band we like that we’ve known for a while. The melodies are huge, the songs are huge. Vocally, there’s loads of layers of harmonies, almost like a miniature choir coming straight from Oli Ellis. There’s really just an epic feel behind their music. Definitely worth checking out.

‘Sorry State’ EP by Best of Enemies is out now.

Best of Enemies links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

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