You may not have noticed but Already Heard has been a longtime advocate of the UK DIY scene. In the past, we’ve highlighted underground acts in a variety of ways. Most notably our former “Something For The Weekend” feature and our second “Recommends” compilation highlighted a crop of exciting bands.

To continue on the tradition, we asked Cheshire emo/shoegaze group Leatherneck to pick out of nine underground bands you should be made aware of.


It’s not because we’re best buds, it’s the fact that they churn out bangers like there’s no tomorrow. Their new line up is as fresh as a daisy and the hits keep on flowing. Alex wanted me to use this to get Ju back and call him a prick but he’s a top lad. They all are, lasses included.

Paper Prisms by Simmer


Straight up hardcore from Manchester. They recently released their self-titled EP and it goes harder than Dot Cotton on a 20 deck of B&H. They’re a top notch bunch of lads too.

Restrict by Restrict

Claw the Thin Ice

We’d all be buzzing if we could conjure up anthems at the speed and quality that these guys do. Their last full length ‘Exercise’ is the dogs bollocks and it still surprises us that they’re yet to sell out the arenas.

Exercise by Claw The Thin Ice


Noisy tunes from Swindon. It’s a pleasure to release music on the same label as these fellas, and if their latest single ‘Solis’ is anything to go by, we know they’ll be massive very soon.

Solis by Rain

Pet Grief

It wasn’t all too long ago that our buds in Pet Grief released their first track ‘Marks the Spot’, and the wait was definitely worth it. They’re on tour next month and we’re dead excited to see them live, they have got so much to offer.

The New Tusk

One of our Jake’s favourites, The New Tusk are the gift that keeps on giving. Each song they write is an absolute banger, and their latest release ‘Sloom’ is incredible. If you’re a fan of riffs, wrap your head around these guys.

Sloom by The New Tusk

Water Canvas

These are absolute champions and genuinely a great bunch of guys. It was a pleasure to tour with them, and each night they were beyond flawless. They can’t half knock out a few anthems on the old karaoke either.

Haunter by water canvas


The crème de la crème of Manchester. Seriously underrated band that crank out record after record impeccably, keep your eyes peeled.

S/T by Doctrines


Fuzzy noise from Widnes, hands down one of the best (and loudest) live bands around.

Honey by Aeroplane Flies High

’Lighting Up The Tilt Sign’ by Leatherneck is out now on Close To Home Records.

Leatherneck links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

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