We’ve been keeping an eye on Cheshire trio Simmer. for the best part of eighteen months. Having previously been featured in our “Recommends” series, and more recently included in our list of “50 Bands to Watch in 2016”, it is safe to say we’re big admirers of the atmospheric shoegaze/punk three-piece.

Later this month they release their debut LP, ‘Paper Prisms’. Delivered in a wave of hazy instrumentation and melancholic vocals, Simmer’s first full-length sees the trio emerse themselves in subtle punk, grunge and 90s alt rock as seen on recent single ‘Charles’. As a collection, ‘Paper Prisms’ is a compelling set of songs that expands on the ideas founded on past releases.

Because we’ve highlighted the band so much in the past, we decided to hand them some power and to tell us about 9 bands from the UK’s ever-growing DIY scene that you need to hear!


Moody punk bangers from our very good friends in Northwich, Cheshire (we’d still like them even if they weren’t such good friends, honestly). Their guitarist Alex is bit of a twat, but other than that, we can’t fault them really.

Monochrome / Derailed by Leatherneck


Naughty noise from Swindon. We’re really looking forward to finally playing with these guys and even sharing our album launch with them for their EP launch, too.

Water Canvas

Banger after banger. This band should probably massive, and they probably will be. We’re revising our lyrics to sing along on tour like a teenage girl.

Haunter by water canvas


Grunge legends. We had the best time on tour with these guys, and we’re so happy that they’re doing so well. I hope they’ll remember us when they’re huge. We did some weird things with Joe, too.

Spin by Muskets


We’ve been huge on this band since their first release was recommended to us. If they wanted to, they could be the best & biggest punk in the country! Saying that, it would take us a lifetime to write songs like theirs, so I get it.

ANX by Doctrines

Claw The Thin Ice

A massively underrated band who go about their business quietly. The nicest guys who write record after record almost effortlessly.

Bauhaus by Claw The Thin Ice


We’ve had the pleasure of playing with these band just the once, but they blew us away. We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with them more in the future. FFO: Balance & Composure, Brand New, Basement.

Summer Daze by Wallflower


Fairly new on the scene, but we’re constantly playing their debut EP ‘Blue’. Download it here.

Blue by Dissolve


Just one guy making beautiful tunes in his room. We wanted him in our band but he’s too good for us.


‘Paper Prisms’ by Simmer. is released on February 29th on Dog Knights Productions.

Simmer. links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Simmer. will be touring with Leatherneck and Water Canvas from February 27th:

27th Old Blue Last, London
28th Retro Bar, Manchester
29th Temple of Boom, Leeds
1st Tye Dye HQ, Sheffield
2nd Stag & Hound, Bristol
3rd Sticky Mike’s, Brighton
4th House Show, Southsea
5th Planet Sounds, Southampton

Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)

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