Earlier this month, Perth’s Cursed Earth left their mark with a new EP – ‘Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth’. Coming in at just under 10 minutes, the EP sees the quintet shows their intentions through a set of punishing and gritty songs.

They’re just one of several bands emerging from its scene. Ultimately, Cursed Earth are dragging Australian hardcore out from the underground and taking it overseas. As we learn, it’s a scene that has been bubbling underneath in recent years. So we thought to get a better insight into Australian hardcore, we asked Cursed Earth to curate a playlist of essential bands you need to know about.

Unravel – Sleeping Tombstones

This is the opener from their ‘Final Dawn’ 7". It’s brutal death metal inspired hardcore. Griffo’s vocals have filthy guttural quality that manages to retain its clarity. They are absolute tyrants live.

Shackles – Blood and Bone

Undoubtably one of the best bands in this country. Absolutely relentless grind influenced hardcore. They occasionally rock two drummers as a show gimmick and it is always ridiculously heavy, aggressive and truly flawless. Mark’s voice sounds like a wood chipper.

Extortion – Arson

One of a handful of bands responsible for putting Australian punk/hardcore on a global map. Undisputed gods of Australian Powerviolence and the most consistently gnarly merch ever made. STARTING FIRES!

Ill Natured – Disgraced

Maybe the heaviest band in Australia? The word “pummeling” gets thrown around fairly loosely and attached to a lot of bullshit coward bands, this band is the Australian standard for “pummeling”. Every track is a sledgehammer.

Mindsnare – Bulldozed

One of the few bands in Australia that need no introduction. KSHKSHKSHKSH!

Statues – No Grave, No Burial

We toured we these dudes recently. They play a style of chaotic heavy hardcore, throw their shit around on stage and give their all every single show. All super talented musicians.

Justice For The Damned – No Flowers On Your Grave

Our brothers from the East Coast. Jazz lays down some heat on this track. One of the hottest bands in heavy music right now and they never cease to impress. They are about to hit Europe with Thy Art Is Murder, you’re in for a treat.

Miles Away – Brainwashed

Another band that really shouldn’t need an introduction. Miles away, like Extortion, laid the foundations for a lot of Perth bands to travel globally. Near flawless band.

Iron Mind – Steel Trap

This band was Australia’s answer to Trapped Under Ice. An absolute powerhouse. Huge riffs, catchy as fuck lyrics, mosh parts for days. Sam’s art was undeniably first class.

People Problem – I Hope I OD

Bleak and miserable punk power-violence from Perth. Always a total shitshow when they play live. Our friends and family.

TS4 – Examinations by People Problem

Ocean Grove – These Boys Light Fires

Ocean Grove had always had something special, it took them a few records to properly hit the nail on the head but they absolutely have with this record. Belters from start to finish.

Burning Season – Born From Dirt

A mosh song about Uruk Hai from Lord of the Rings. We did a split with these dudes through Death’s Grip Records. Absolute lords of dudes. Their newer stuff has a huge industrial influence, which gives it all sorts of character and punch.

Blkout – Without a Fight

Perth hardcore legends, ‘Total Depravity’ hasn’t left the frequently played section of Bob’s record collection since he picked it up.

Blinded – In Your Hell

Melbourne young blood playing heavy as fuck 90’s inspired mosh metal. They got a new release due out this year and have people waiting on baited breath.

Mental Cavity – Deconstruct Fools

Most of the dudes from I Exist started this new punk/hardcore thing and it is so fucking good. They opened for us a few times now and it’s completely ripper. They’ve got a new record due out early next year.

‘Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth’ EP by Cursed Earth is out now on UNFD.

Cursed Earth links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

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