We’re just a week away from Less Than Jake, The Skints and Mariachi El Bronx tearing it up around the UK on the ‘Fireball Fuelling The Fire Tour’. And when you add three such diversely entertaining bands and generous measures of throat burning cinnamon flavoured spirit what do you get? One hell of party that’s what. So we decided to get each of the eight contest winning bands that earned the right to play their local show to pick their ultimate party anthems.

So stick on this playlist, pour yourself a stiff drink and turn your living room into your favourite club night. We even included some of the bands that made the cut for the tour as a sort of sonic pre-drink of what they’ll all have in store.

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Army of Freshmen – Juliet
They’re good friends of ours and they helped record our first EP out in California before the band was really a band. They recently featured us on the soundtrack to a new movie called ‘The Bet’ which Chris and Aaron wrote.

SR-71 – Mosquito:
Mitch Allan as a song writer has always been a huge influence on us, along with Vinnie from Less Than Jake. So we have to include the “world’s greatest break up” song as their contribution.

Straight Jacket Legends – She’ll Never Be Mine
They’re our bros who just signed with Paper and Plastick Records after years of hard work. Straight Jacket Legends are awesome humans and writers of some catchy “classic” pop-punk tunes like this one. Not a breakdown or scream in sight!

Better Days

The All-American Rejects – Move Along
It’s our favourite ever song and it’s just hard to not get pumped up by it.

Like Pacific – 22a
Such a sick song by a band who deserve a lot more credit.

Major League – Kaleidoscopes
Just an awesome song by an awesome band that’s perfect to put you in the mood for a gig!

Black Water County

Flogging Molly – Revolution
If any band has had an influence on our sound, it’s Flogging Molly. Their last album, ‘Speed of Darkness’ was an incredible piece of work, proving that they’re still at the top of their game. ‘Revolution’ says it all.

The Pogues – Fiestsa
Where would Celtic-Punk be without The Pogues? Probably sober. Although the undisputed champions of their own genre, they always pushed themselves. ‘Fiesta’ is for fans of Mariachi El Bronx.

Gogol Bordello – Wonderlust King
Without a doubt one of the most entertaining acts on the planet, Gogol Bordello never fail to have audiences in awe. ‘Wonderlust King’ never fails to get things going.

Broken Three Ways

The Interrupters – You’re Gonna Find A Way Out
They’re one of the coolest ska bands at the minute.

Little Roy – Lithium
Because little Roy is a fuckin’ legend!

Sublime – What I Got
It’s a classic timeless chooon!


Less Than Jake – Plastic Cup Politics
It’s the first song I ever saw them perform live at the Barras in Glasgow many moons ago with my younger brother. That night has forever remained an incredible memory for both of us from such a young age.

Jimmy Eat World – The Authority Song
Jimmy Eat World as a band are so influential. Having seen them live as well as Jim (Adkins) acoustically, we have personally taken so much from their whole outfit from performance and the way they present.

Thrice – Black Honey
As my music taste progressed, so did their style. It became more about being heavy through the feel, not the speed.


Riskee and The Ridicule – Roots
One of the best punk bands in the UK and everyone needs to get to know them.

Action Bronson – Baby Blue
He was a big influence on our new album and this song is always on in the tour van.

Don Broco – Everybody
They’re one of the best bands out there and that riff/cow bell combination is killer.

Sweet Little Machine

Fall Out Boy – This Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race
This song is kinda where it started for a lot of us. We remember being teens just getting into Pop Punk and being blown away by this one.

Weezer – Buddy Holly
A classic, everyone knows it. It’s got a really jumpy chorus and a massive singalong.

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
This is just so simple and shows that things don’t have to be complicated to sound great. A pure pop-punk anthem that stands up to this day.


Alkaline Trio – Mercy Me
A massive favourite of ours. This song usually breaks out into a big singalong when it comes on in the van. One of our all-time favourites.

Reuben – Let’s Stop Hanging Out
It’s no secret. Reuben are big influence on us and this track gets us warmed up for any show. Big Band.

Andrew WK – Party Hard
It’s safe to say this is the ultimate party jam. What more can we really say. Whack this on in your living room and it will be in pieces.

Monday 3rd O2 Academy, Bristol (with Weatherstate)
Tuesday 4th O2 Academy, Sheffield (with Sweet Little Machine)
Wednesday 5th O2 Academy, Birmingham (with AMFX)
Thursday 6th O2 Academy, Brixton (with Ghouls)
Saturday 8th O2 Academy, Newcastle (with Better Days)
Sunday 9th O2 Academy, Glasgow (with Embers)
Monday 10th O2 Ritz, Manchester (with Broken 3 Ways)
Tuesday 11th O2 Academy, Bournemouth (with Black Water County)

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