Long time readers of Already Heard will recognise the name Landmarks. Having been featured on the site in the past, they were one of 50 bands we tipped for great things way back in January. This Friday, the Manchester pop-rockers release their third EP; ‘In Spite Of It All’. With its rich alt-rock core, Landmarks’ third EP revolves around the theme of loss and overcoming setbacks, which is something they’ve had plenty of. The making of EP was halted as producer Matt Heap’s studio was raided with various pieces of equipment stolen.

Nevertheless, Heap and, later on, Bob Cooper, rescued the EP allowing the band to showcase their introspective side on songs such as ‘Cutting Strings’ and ‘Friend of Mine’.

For this playlist, we asked vocalist Adam Long to compile a short list local musical heroes from the North West.

The music scene in the North-West of England is currently the healthiest it’s been since the halcyon days of the early 90s. Bands are popping all over the place and, especially in Manchester, every bar is packed with people checking out new, local bands. You can’t take two steps in the city centre without bumping into a Manc with a guitar – and that’s exactly how it should be! It’s that kind of healthy, musical atmosphere that encourages people to try new things, rather than follow the trends. How lucky we are to be alive right now!

The Cape Race

I first heard about this band when they were a more pop-punky band called The Honeymoon Suite. They had this song called ‘I Wish I Wished You Well’ that I played non-stop for about a month. They decided to start again as a new band called The Cape Race and ditch the poppy hooks in favour of a more mature, alt-rock sound. They are currently off-the-radar, so who knows what is in store for this band in the near future! Check out ‘The Reprieve’ – a truly massive song that is incredible when they play it live.

Boston Manor

These lads are from just down the road from us! We first played with them around the time they dropped ‘Here/Now’ and it’s great to see such a hard-working band get the success they deserve. Their sound is the perfect balance of pop and punk, thanks to their ability to pen a catchy chorus, which perfectly compliments the bouncy riffs and often frantic drums. Check out ‘Gone’, from their latest release – a fantastic, up-beat banger!

The Maple State

One of my favourite bands to come out of Manchester was The Maple State. They were this incredibly honest and heart-felt band that cranked out some really great tunes. Unfortunately, they called it a day a couple of years ago, but all of their music can still be found online. Check out ‘Temperate Lives’ in particular – what a treat that song is.


An amazing, low-key, emo acoustic act who I had the pleasure of seeing recently at Fallow Cafe in Manchester. This band’s tunes are searingly raw and endearingly DIY, just like it should be. Check out ‘Memento Mori’ – a heartbreakingly sincere anthem.

The River Versus

This is one of the most original bands out there right now. A trio (piano, bass and drums) from Manchester, who bookend each live set with an epic, three-part trumpet harmony. Their releases feature deep, Coheed-esque lore and they even manage to squeeze in the occasional video game theme medley every now and then. They are three of the best musicians I’ve seen and I wholeheartedly recommend you checking them out. In particular, give ‘Ambush, Anguish, Ava’ a go – a fantastic, high-energy jam!

‘In Spite Of It All’ EP by Landmarks is released on August 12th on Scylla Records.

Landmarks links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp|Instagram

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