Playlist: Wess Meets West’s Post-Rock Bands You Need to Know


Over the past 13 years, New Haven, Connecticut’s Wess Meets West have gradually fine-tuned their brand of post-rock, incorporating electronica elements amongst ambient guitars and textured percussion.

Their third studio full-length, ‘A Light Within The Fracture’ is released this week and continues the quartet’s trend of producing ambitious-yet-stunning, instrumental post-rock. Over the course of an hour, tracks such as ‘Take Great Pride In Everything You Do’, ‘Direct Experience’ and ‘Skylar, There’s Rot’ sees Wess Meets West deliver cinematic soundscapes, that are intelligent and compelling. With the previous use of vocals stripped away, ‘A Light Within The Fracture’ is a fluid instrumental post-rock delight.

Ever since guitarist Sam Stauff started the project, Wess Meets West have gone on to play alongside a host of names within the vast post-rock scene, both big and small. We recently spoke to Sam about the post-rock bands he thinks you need to know about.

Pray For Sound – Decayer

We have become great friends with Pray for Sound, as we’ve played with them a bunch over the last year. They always sound great live. ‘Decayer’, in particular, has an ending that will blow your mind.

Lowercase Noises – A Course of Strengthening Medicines

I got to host a Lowercase Noises/Steven Kemner living room concert this year and it was beautiful. I love what Andy can do as a solo musician in the live setting. Some of the most beautiful ambient and lush guitar sounds. His visuals are stunning as well.

This Patch of Sky – What Once Was Lost

Great song with a lot of emotion. We had the privilege of playing with This Patch of Sky on their East Coast run to Dunk! Fest last year. They are a must-see live band if you haven’t yet!

Deadhorse – Corruption Crescendo

We played with Deadhorse a few years ago and hope to again soon. I had the honour of mastering this record. ‘Corruption Crescendo’ is hauntingly beautiful. They took a very minimal approach to this record and I thought it came out really well.

Caspian – Sad Heart of Mine

Caspian have risen to the top of the post-rock game and rightfully so. They sound absolutely massive live and have great compositions. We have been lucky enough to open for them a few times in CT. This song is very triumphant and I love the mixture of guitars and keyboards on this track.

Appalaches – Oja

Beautiful build and wonderfully crafted recording. Love what the guitars are doing on this record. We are planning on playing with Appalaches later in 2018.

And So I Watch You From Afar – Run Home

What an amazing song this is! I love the middle ambient section. We walked in on their sound check when we played with them in CT and they were one of the loudest, tightest bands I have ever seen. Absolutely stunning!

Au Revoir – The Bottom

We hope to do more with Au Revoir. I love the bass tone on this track. I like the addition of lower distorted vocals as well!

Ranges – The Greater Lights

I saw these guys for the first time at the US Dunk! Fest, and they blew me away. Superb playing! I love the moment about two minutes into the track, you think it is going to get huge and it goes into this unexpected part that turns into a very pretty moment.

Glacier – Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet, They Shall Be White as Snow;

A great example of a post-rock band demanding patience. This song is well over ten minutes but it takes you on a massive journey, defiantly worth a listen! Glacier’s drummer, Jesse Vengrove, was in Wess Meets West. He played on our first album ‘Chevaliers’. He’s a great drummer.

‘A Light Within The Fracture’ by Wess Meets West is released on 6th April on Hassle Records.

Wess Meets West links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|Bandcamp


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