Video Premiere: Northpark – ‘Teal’ (ft Evans)


Here at Already Heard, we always take great pride in putting the spotlight on exciting new bands. So today we’re premiering the latest track from Northpark; ‘Teal’.

Who are Northpark?

Hailing from Barrie, Ontario in Canada, the quintet originally started life as a solo project for lead singer, writer, and producer Miguel Ferreira. However, throughout 2022 he recruited lifelong friends, previous co-workers, and friends from the local music scene to make Northpark what it is today.

Last month, the five-piece released their debut single, ‘Wasteland’. It sees Northpark firmly wear their collective influences on their sleeves. When we spoke to the Canadian group, they cited bands such as Knuckle Puck, Can’t Swim, The Story So Far, Dayseeker, Movements, Citizen, and Hot Mulligan. However, its follow-up sees them showing a different side to Northpark. Ultimately ‘Teal’ showcases their raw, emotional side, taking a stripped-back acoustic approach.

What is ‘Teal’ About?

“‘Teal’ is about getting lost in depression and suffering from dissociating from real life. It also portrays depression triggered by break ups, losing loved ones, and wanting to go back in time before these hardships and feelings began,” the band explained.

“The writing process began with wanting to share our personal experiences of dealing with anxiety, depression and the pressure of holding on during the hardest times, in hope of giving some people, even just one, a song they can relate to.”

The accompanying video for ‘Teal’ highlights how important friendship and camaraderie can be when the members of Northpark are struggling with their mental health. The video raises awareness of Talk Suicide Canada, the country’s suicide prevention service.

“Knowing our generation is dealing with a mental health crisis, and with “Teal” being about mental health, we felt it was an important part to add [Talk Suicide Canada] to the video. A lot of us have dealt with mental health issues, and understand the importance of people knowing they’re not alone and that there’s help available.”

As a band who have formed from their local music scene, ‘Teal’ sees Northpark team up with Toronto-based artist Evans to “help take the song to that next level,” bringing a smooth R&B lyrical verse.

‘Teal,‘ along with ‘Wasteland,’ will be part of their upcoming debut album which will consist of nine tracks that Northpark insist fans “won’t be skipping over”. Besides the album, they promise to write more music, videos, content, shows, and “hopefully festivals”.

Watch the video for ‘Teal’ by Northpark

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