Queen Laya Confirms Debut EP Release

Queen Laya
Photo Credit: Jamie Waters

Having gained our attention with her last single, ‘Rage’, Queen Laya has confirmed her self-titled EP will be released on Friday 17th May.

Produced by Harry Acreman (Sun Arcana, Butterfly Hurricane) alongside mixing engineer Rhys May (Bring Me The Horizon, Muse, Don Broco), ‘Queen Laya’ consists of six tracks including new single ‘Image & Likeness of the End’.

It captures Queen Laya‘s powerful, dynamic voice, and combines it with a robust ferociousness. Lyrically, it sees her examine the damaging portrayal certain areas of the press can make on people, and embrace self-belief to avoid falling into the same traps.

‘Image & Likeness of the End’ is about my process with social media pressures and growing up with hateful tabloids breeding a lot of self-loath for many individuals. This song is a conversation between myself & those exact projections from the media,” Queen Laya explains. “I set out to defy the low vibrational messages, and take on a path of discovery. In this world, having self-respect and self-worth is seen as a deadly sin and the end of the world. I’m battling between being confined in comfort, or breaking free & conquering the unimaginable.”

You can hear  ‘Image & Likeness of the End’ below.


1. The Cry Of Laya
2. Rage
3. Image & Likeness Of The End
4. Intuition Speaks
5. Rapture (Cult)
6. Queen Laya

Pre-save here.


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