On June 8th, Brighton/London based quartet Quiet Lions will release their new EP – ‘No Illusions’. They have released a new track online called ‘Shallows’ to give fans an insight into what to expect.

The track is a soaring rock number with intricate guitar work. Whilst lyrically the band take on those who are looking for a quick route to fame. Michael Williams explains:

“This song is about an X-Factor style singer who’s looking for a quick route to fame – unfortunately it ends badly, as it so often does. The first two verses are from my perspective asking if there’s any truth in the back story that they’re using to sell themselves. It’s a fairly self-explanatory title and could be taken one of two ways; a collective group of shallow people, or a shallow pool in which sharks would hunt. Throughout the song the lead character comes to terms with their own shelf-life; ‘Just when you thought you could fly, your wings were taken’ – unfortunately it’s too late for the lead character who (in a rather brutal fashion) is bound and tied and thrown overboard. I’ve been wanting to use this metaphor for a while as I think it sums up that road to instant fame pretty well.”

1. Shallows
2. Wolves of The Capital
3. Troubles
4. Honesty Breathes
5. The Hive

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