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Although there considerably isn’t any major releases today (unless you want us to include Arctic Monkeys?), it isn’t a week to be written off as there are some noteworthy albums and EP’s seeing the light of day.

If you’re wanting a slice of self-loathing emo/indie-punk, then Atlanta’s Worlds Greatest Dad will probably become your new favourite band. Their debut album, ‘Get Well Soon’ is a lyrically open and infectious record.

Elsewhere, Bristol-based emo-rock quartet, Pushing Daisies, deliver their latest EP – ‘Take Me Back To The Light’. Southampton singer-songwriter Seán McGowan delivers his debut full-length, ‘Son of the Smith’. While emerging Bournemouth pop-punks Wolf Culture look to leave an impression with their ‘The Devil’s Plans For Idle Hands’ EP.

For those wanting an arsenal of riffs, then Sevendust (‘All I See Is War’) and Bad Wolves (‘Disobey’) are sure to fill such void.

Finally, there are notable releases from earnest Aussie pop-rockers Slowly Slowly, North West pop-punk upstarts Fight For Friday, and summery power-pop specialists, Illuminati Hotties.

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Worlds Greatest Dad – Get Well Soon
Sevendust – All I See Is War
Seán McGowan – Son of the Smith
Bad Wolves – Disobey
Pushing Daisies – Take Me Back To The Light EP
Slowly Slowly – St. Leonards
Wolf Culture – The Devil’s Plans For Idle Hands EP
Crooked Teeth – Pastel EP
Fight For Friday – Someone You Could Trust EP (EP Premiere)
Illuminati Hotties – Kiss Yr Frenemies
Bent Denim – Town and Country
Mask of Judas – The Mesmerist
Garganjua – Through The Void
Dark Stares – Darker Days Are Here To Stay
Victory Kid – Illenials
Right, On Kid! – Forever Missing Out EP

What releases are you looking forward to hearing? Let us know in the comments.

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