Although the end of year wind down continues, there are several worthwhile new releases out today. In Flames return with ‘Battle’, Wakrat unleash their debut full-length, while the likes of Bowling For Soup, Animals As Leaders, You Blew It!, Tigercub, Radkey and LITE release new albums.

There is also new music from Shit Present, Owel, Annisokay, COPE, Tom Aylott, Black Orchid Empire and more.

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In Flames – Battles
Wakrat – Wakrat (★★★★ Review/Stream)
Bowling For Soup – Drunk Dynasty
LITE – Cubic (★★★.5 Review)
Animals As Leaders – The Madness of Many (★★★★ Review)
You Blew It! – Abendrot (★★★ Review/Stream)
Radkey – Delicious Rock Noise (★★★★ Review)
Tigercub – Abstract Figures In The Dark (★★★★ Review)
OPS – Sluice Around (★★★ Review)
Annisokay – Devil May Care (★★★ Review/“Influences” feature)
Owel – dear me (Stream)
Shit Present – Misery + Disaster (★★★★ Review)
COPE – Challenge Oppression // Pursue Equality EP (★★★.5 Review)
Black Orchid Empire – Archetype
Teen Suicide – Bonus EP (Stream)
Tom Aylott – Step Back From The Origin (Stream)
Into the Storm – Where the Merfalo Roam (Stream)
Lucid Fly – Building Castles In Air (Stream)
Naked Walrus – Simple EP
Pistols At Dawn – See You Home

What releases are you looking forward to hearing? Let us know in the comments.

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