If you want to overindulge in new music, then this week is just for you. With over 30 new releases, there is plenty on offer.

Most notably there are new albums from Into It. Over It., Dowsing, Pity Sex, Colt 45, Less Than Jake, American Hi-Fi, Boxer Rebellion, Bicycle Thieves, Greaver, Tremonti, Hurry and Henrietta.

Into It. Over It. – Standards (★★★★.5 Review/Stream)
Rob Zombie – The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser
Sixx:A.M. – Rrayers For The Damned
Boxer Rebellion – Ocean By Ocean (★★★.5 Review/Stream)
Dowsing – OKAY (★★★★★ Review/Stream)
Pity Sex – White Hot Moon (★★★ Review/Stream)
Colt 45 – Snakes & Ladders EP (★★★.5 Review/“Influences” feature/Stream)
Tremonti – Dust
Less Than Jake – Live From Astoria
American Hi-Fi – American Hi-Fi Acoustic (Stream)
Bicycle Thieves – Bicycle Thieves EP (Interview)
Greaver – The Faun (★★★★ Review/Stream)
Wren – Host (★★★.5 Review/Stream)
Haken – Affinity
alt=“Haybaby – Blood Harvest EP (Stream)
Living Means – The Downside EP (Stream)
Patrick Craig – True Story (‘True Story’ Video Premiere/Stream)
Hurry – Guided Meditation (★★★★★ Review/Stream)
BAILER – Shaped By The Landscape EP (Stream)
Recreations – Baby Boomers 2 (Stream)
Henrietta – Paper Wings (Stream)
Convictions – I Will Become
Cilver – Not The End Of The World
The Other Stars – We Were Kids (★★★ Review)
Museum Mouth – Popcorn Fish Guinea Pig (Stream)
A Dead Forest Index – Approved by Savages (Stream)
Forever in Depths – Darkness EP (‘Darkness’ Video Premiere)
Skarlett Riot – Sentience
Beaumont – Nothing (★★★★ Review/"Beyond the Sadness” Feature)
Omaha – Young Hearts EP
Se Delan – Drifter (Stream)
Long Distance Calling – TRIPS
Abandoned By Bears – The Years Ahead
Chasing Dragons – Faction:Prologue EP
Amia Venera Landscape – Vision I: (The Great Mystery)

What releases are you looking forward to hearing? Let us know in the comments.

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