Review: All At Sea – Systemised EP

Two things could happen to North East hardcore crew All At Sea upon the release of their second EP ‘Systemised.’ They could pick up a large momentum that takes them on tour with some of the biggest names in the business, or they could remain a cult band in their region and just navigate the UK’s toilet system. Whatever their outcome is, one thing is clear; these songs will level any venue they play in.

At seventeen minutes, this EP is a rush of catchy hardcore performed with a no-fucks-given bravado unafraid to confront the struggles of today’s youth. Opener ‘Wake Work Repeat’ makes no bones about the misery of overworking. “This fuckin’ system’s a joke, I’m sick of being broke, I want more from my life, I wasn’t born to work and die,” frontman Jack Tyreman growls in an out letting of frustration.

Much of ‘Systemised’ is a celebration of outsider culture delivered in memorable rap-metal hooks. ‘Totalitarian, fuck I ain’t scared of them, authoritarian, I won’t give in to them.’ they snarl on ‘Consume.’ The beefed up metalcore chugging throughout the EP enhances the boisterous inflection they aim for, and if you aren’t windmilling by the time the breakdown in ‘Gimme the Mic’ hits, this won’t be for you.

If you are, you ought to get excited about All at Sea, as ‘Systemised’ feels like the start of bigger things to come. There’s the catchiness and accessibility that Blood Youth excel in here, while they simultaneously thrive on the violent groove you’d hear at a Grove Street Families show. This EP isn’t the finished product from this band yet, but in the meantime, it’s a lot of fun.


‘Systemised’ EP by All At Sea is released on 12th May.

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Words by Andy Davidson (@AndyrfDavidson)


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