Review: Create To Inspire – Sickness

With an already revered reputation and a couple of well received EP’s to boot, Create To Inspire return with what promises to be a triumphant debut album in the shape of ‘Sickness’. With their own brand of melodic hardcore and emotional, raw lyrics can Create To Inspire live up to the expectation created by a band still in their infancy?

From the top, it’s clear to see Create To Inspire have stuck with the formula that gained attention on the band’s previous EP, ‘Home Is Where My Heart Dies’, almost picking up where they left off. Album opener, ‘Agony’, kicks with all the ferocity of a cornered animal. Vocalist Sean Midson shows real passion, conjuring pure emotion with every shout punctuating a flurry of guitars, creating a moody and brooding noise. ‘Recluse’ and ‘Regret’ follow much in the same vein, while Midson’s clean vocal ability is shown strongly in ‘Sinking’.

There is one overwhelming feeling throughout ‘Sickness’. The band know how to build a song. They scratch and claw their way to an almost impossible summit but seem to fall back down just before reaching the top. The title track, ‘Sickness’ has all the hallmarks of an instant classic but just lacks that extra something to skyrocket Create To Inspire into the stratosphere. There are bands out there playing similar music and nailing it, so some work clearly needs to be done to give that much-needed edge. However, that’s not to say this album doesn’t slay at points. ‘Loss’ offers a barrage of noise with just the right amount of angst and go home track ‘Adjust’ simply glistens.

Create To Inspire haven’t quite hit the nail on the head with ‘Sickness’ but it is a great precursor of things to come. There are some tweaks to be made, but with a little revision whatever comes next could be the making of a band with bags of potential.


‘Sickness’ by Create To Inspire is released on 26th May on Basick Records.

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Words by Jay Harrison (@Just_Jay_89)


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