Review: Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms

"'Eternity, In Your Arms’ is the natural next big step for Creeper, and it doesn’t disappoint."

After months of anticipation, the debut full-length from rock’s next breakout stars is finally here. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of hype that Creeper have built up over the past 12 months, yet ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ is the accumulation of everything the sextet artfully aimed towards.For a band that seems destined for big things, it could have been easy to make a record for the masses, but ‘Eternity…’ sticks to Creeper’s firmly established gloom punk aesthetic. ‘Black Rain’ welcomes in the record with haunting pianos and a sombre female voiceover, before surging forward with metallic guitars and a towering chorus. While a familiar cloud of woe-filled grandeur casts a shadow over proceedings.

‘Poison Pens’ follows in ferocious fashion with galloping drums and a roaring line of “love is dead! hang your head!”. If there was any doubt of Creeper trading in their punk ethos in favour of major success, then this reassures us they aren’t. Later ‘Room 309’ brings visceral punk made to be sung in unison. The singles ‘Suzanne’, and ‘Hiding With Boys’ are still exciting, no matter how many times you hear them, and “old favourite” ‘Misery’ is still as crushing.

A trait that they continue to pull off, is a subtle nod to the past. The theatrical punk-fuelled ‘Down Below’ pounds along with swagger and harmonious bleakness, and the addictive ‘Darling’ is the best Alkaline Trio song they never wrote. ‘I Choose To Live’ closes the album in Meat Loaf reminiscent fashion; self-reflective but ultimately triumphant.

Elsewhere ‘Crickets’ provides the record’s most tender moment, allowing Hannah Greenwood to take centre stage on a sweet, compelling acoustic-led highlight.

Creeper’s pallet clearly spreads beyond their punk rock foundations. Their willingness to use subtle orchestration and theatrical flourishes, along with the overall sequencing, makes ‘Eternity…’ a compulsive listen. It takes you on a journey that matches the band’s ambitions, delivered with honesty, hope and no ego’s in sight. And that’s before we mention the subtle narrative of ‘The Stranger’ and James Scythe, all wrapped up in a tale of horror, fantasy and romanticism.

‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ is the natural next big step for Creeper, and it doesn’t disappoint.


‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ by Creeper is released on 24th March on Roadrunner Records.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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