Review: Everyday Sidekicks – Hope EP

On the face of it, a better name for Everyday Sidekicks might be “Everyday Metalcore Band”, or" Everyday Derivative UK Post-Hardcore Act". The Bristol group do not break new sonic ground, drawing from the likes of Architects and While She Sleeps in uncompromising heaviness infused with melody. However, a close examination of debut EP, 2015’s ‘The Things I’ve Seen’, revealed no small amount of potential – exciting, emotive metalcore was in abundance on tracks such as ‘Pitch Black’ and ‘It’s All Smiles And Laughter’.

Although an unoriginal title (The Blackout, anyone?), ‘Hope’ sees Everyday Sidekicks aiming high, cramming in as much of that potential as four songs allow. ‘Glass House’ is the perfect opener for an EP, crashing into ten seconds of a screamed verse and introducing the first hook by the eleventh. The song’s chorus is the second, and is a soaring, almighty triumph – a lesson in sharp melodic intelligence and how to kick off a record.

‘Fracture’ is the lead single from the release, and mixes another sizable chorus with the meatiest instrumentation on ‘Hope’. Simplistic guitar ideas murmur and ring under the song’s verses and bridge, creating tension that is resolved in the immediacy of the hook – this keen knack for a tune permeates and defines the record.

The Architects comparison is never more apparent than on the Peep Show referencing ‘Business Secrets Of The Pharaohs’, Archie Hatfield viciously screaming in tune à la Sam Carter. In tackling clean sections, Hatfield’s tones can be subtly haunting, in particular on a section of ‘Bury Your Friends’ which evokes images of Sergio Pizzorno in a post-hardcore band.

If you came looking for metalcore that is innovative, imaginative and fresh, you can keep looking. If you are looking for an assuredly solid offering that showcases heaps of potential, you’ve come to the right place. Everyday Sidekicks are one to watch, and EPs don’t come much more immediate than this.


‘Hope’ EP by Everyday Sidekicks is released on 31st March.

Everyday Sidekicks links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Peter Stewart (@PeteStew_)


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