Review: Fizzy Blood – Summer of Luv EP

Having popped up at various festivals in recent months, Leeds-based quintet Fizzy Blood have been carving out a steady following, winning over fans up and down the country. Now with the festival season more or less out of the way, it’s time to see if they can take their brand of raucous grunge-infused rock to record.

Thankfully ‘Summer of Luv’ succeeds in providing five intriguing songs that never lose longevity. ‘Pawn’ is an energetic, playful opener riddled with fuzzy driven guitars and a soaring chorus. While Benji Inkley wastes little time in showcasing his charismatic vocals, ultimately the band also quickly lay down an explosive foundation of off-kilter rock. ‘ADHD’ carries itself with a subtle funky groove as the quintet demonstrate their indie rock flair, yet is one of the EP’s weaker points.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, ‘Haunted’ begins ominously as Inkley sings about paranoia. The reverb heavy, plucky guitars simply add to its intense nature before giving way to fuzzy distortion, impactful drums and a stirring riff. It’s clear Fizzy Blood are not afraid to change things up a bit.

The titular track counters ‘Haunted’ by being a rousing and snappy number, showing their pop sensibilities with enough fuzz in the guitars to give a sharp edge. While ‘Healing Isn’t Free’ rounds off the EP in a plucky, sultry manner, with Inkley once again showing his charisma through his crooning vocals. Add a funk-laden bassline and subtle sprinkling of electronics, and you’re left with a strong final impression of Fizzy Blood.

Although Fizzy Blood clearly have the nous to write addictive alt/pop-rock songs, they don’t quite show enough on this release to stand out from the pack. Nevertheless, they’re heading in the right direction. ‘Summer of Luv’ shows that these Leeds lads have plenty of character and hint at a more diverse, even twisted, sound down the line. Let’s hope their eventful summer benefits the fruits of their labour going forward.


‘Summer of Luv’ EP by Fizzy Blood is out now on Killing Moon/Alya Records.

Fizzy Blood links: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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