Review: Galactic Empire – Galactic Empire

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and we’re talking light years, Galactic Empire are the greatest band in the universe and Dark Vader, the overload of shredding, leads a three guitar attack from the dark side that rules the galaxy in a vice like grip of metal fury.

It is with great aplomb that five of the most feared villains in the stratosphere hash their way through the Star Wars film score like R2D2 on battery acid. From the first notes of the ‘Main Theme’ it’s an intergalactic rollercoaster of The Darkness proportions as they layer solo upon solo. Although this probably rules in the bounty hunter bars of Tattoine and echoes interminably through the Death Star, on Earth ‘Galactic Empire’ is on another level. We’re not sure which level exactly, but it’s out there.

The visual element adds a much needed dimension to compliment the incessant guitar attack. ‘The Imperial March’, for example, although competently executed, would be far more menacing in the presence of the Sith lord himself. ‘Duel of The Fates’ would take on a level of drama way beyond that of this proggy slice of cinematic splendour, while ‘The Forest Battle’, despite working in terms of fast paced drama, fails to transport the listener to Endor.

Nevertheless, the ‘Cantina Band’ has such a killer melody, it’s impossible not to like it, although the prog metal drum flurries and frenetic shredding try to make it otherworldly. It’s this same enthusiasm that rips the heart out of both ‘The Force Theme’ and ‘Ben’s Death – Tie Fighter Attack’, as all emotion is stripped away by the ruthless dark side.

All in all, for those who transcend this galaxy and are prepared to be dazzled by the fast finger fury of Dark Vader’s evil empire, this is the record for you. Dust off your stromtrooper outfit and get yourself down to one of their gigs to head bang your way though these timeless classics.

More ‘Phantom Menace’ than ‘Empire Strikes Back’.


‘Galactic Empire’ by Galactic Empire is released on 3rd February on Rise Records.

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Words by Edward Layland (@EdwardLayland)


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