In At The Deep End Records have announced details of their 50th release; a split record featuring Send More Paramedics, Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Wounds 

‘Unearth:Possessed’ will be released on Halloween (31st October 2012) on 10" Solid Red Vinyl and Digitally.

1. Send More Paramedics – Zombiefied (Re-Recording)
2. Send More Paramedics – 100 Fighting Dogs
3. Send More Paramedics – Revenants
4. Send More Paramedics – Send More Paramedics
5. Gallows – Zombie Crew (Gallows track only appears on the 10" Vinyl Release)
6. Feed The Rhino – Blood Fever
7. Wounds – Sever
5. Send More Paramedics – 245 Trioxin (Re-Recording(245 Trioxin only appears on the Digital Release))

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