This week we return to our resident Something For The Weekend writer, Rosie Kerr (Ebb & Flow PR) for her recommendations in the best new music.

This week I’m back to basics with 2 awesome bands from the UK, one of which released my favourite music of the year thus far, and one of which I know absolutely nothing about. The other comes in the form of ex-Daytrader creating music better than most. Enjoy!

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Great Cop
For Fans Of; Husker Du, Title Fight, Jawbreaker
Great Cop are a Glasgow indie/punk 4 piece. They are seriously one of the best bands in the UK right now and they need to be recognised on this level so, so, much more. I can’t force you to listen to any of the bands I recommend but if I could, it’d be Great Cop. Recently they’ve released an EP entitled ‘Spanish City’ on Struggletown Records and it’s sincerely my favourite EP of the year and I will be hard pushed to find anything to top it. Listen on Bandcamp, buy their record, go see them play!

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Spanish City by Great Cop</a>

Great Cop on Bandcamp and Facebook.


Other Half
For Fans Of; Muncie Girls, Great Cynics.
I can’t say I know any more about Other Half other than they’re a trio from Norwich with a self titled EP which is awesome. It’s an indie/emo record with 3 tracks, one of which is ‘Osker’ which really is amazing. Basically, I really really like this band, but if someone could please inform me of them a little more that’d be lovely. For everyone else, get in to it now whilst they’re all mysterious and crap. People love that right?

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Other Half by Other Half</a>

Other Half on Facebook and Bandcamp.


Heartless Breakers
For Fans Of; The American Scene, Seahaven, Daytrader
Heartless Breakers are a band I’ve only very very recently (as recent as this morning…) come across and I was impressed almost immediately. Ex-Daytrader, Heartless Breakers despite their emotionally driven name, offer up a mix of alternative rock and it’s almost refreshing amongst everything else at the moment. ‘Prescriptions’ is their latest 4 track EP and was released at the end of July and I advise people to have a listen over at their Bandcamp!

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Prescriptions EP by Heartless Breakers</a>

Heartless Breakers on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Website.

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