With Southsea Fest fast approaching (can you tell I’m excited?) I’ve decided to pick a selection of bands playing this year for this weeks Something For The Weekend. Both Huw Olesker And The Bare Backers and El Morgan are Southsea locals, whilst Cycle Schmeichel are simply welcome visitors to the sea side town.

Stylistically this is probably one of our most varied SFTW’s with reggae, acoustic punk and emo all rearing their heads, which very much suits the ethos of the upcoming festival. Enjoy!

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Huw Olesker & The Bare Backers
For Fans Of: Reggae and Pirates Of The Caribbean.
Huw Olesker & The Bare Backers can be summed up in three words: eclectic, fun and infectious. Their latest five track EP flirts with a variety of styles but always remains identifiably Bare Backers. A lot of bands claim that they simply record music “for the fun of it” but this genuinely seems to be case with the ‘Whatever Happened To Lilt?’ EP. It also has a picture of Terry Wogan on the cover and that can never be a bad thing.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Whatever Happened To Lilt? by Huw Olesker & The Barebackers</a>

Huw Olesker & The Barebackers on Facebook.

El Morgan
For Fans Of: Helen Chambers and Ren Spits At Magpies.
El Morgan plays Country-influenced Folk with a captivating amount of honesty. Having caught her playing the gatehouse at WTFest earlier this month, I can confidently say that she can make even the most open environment feel intimate. She currently has two EP’s available to download and both are lovely. El is also one quarter of Livers And Lungs.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Darlington EP by El Morgan</a>

El Morgan on Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.

Cycle Schmeichel
For Fans Of: Snowing and DADS.
Cycle Schmeichel are an indie/emo two piece who formed in 2009. Their two track demo and début EP (both of which are free to download) earned them a solid fan base and shows with Bird Calls, Prawn and What Ape! If they ever get around to releasing new material, than I believe that 2013 could easily be their year in Emo circles.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>EP by Cycle Schmeichel</a>

Cycle Schmeichel on Facebook, Bandcamp and Tumblr.

Southsea Fest 2012 takes place on September 15th 2012.
Further information can at and on Facebook.

Words by Richard Heaven 

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