Over the last couple of weeks we’ve teased there would be changes to our regular Friday feature – Something For The Weekend and today we’re pleased to announce these changes. 

Over the coming weeks and months, Already Heard will be working with a selection of guest writers to produce your weekly dose of Something For The Weekend. These guest writers will come in the form of those involved in the music industry; people from independent labels and bands will be showcasing a variety of up and coming bands and artists that you need to know about. 

This week Animal Style Records owner Matt Medina kicks off our series of guest writers by highlighting three must-see bands at this weekend’s punk rock gathering – The Fest 11 in Gainesville, Florida.

Since it’s formation in July 2008, Animal Style Records has grown to become one of the most reliable Punk Rock record labels with its back catalogue consisting of releases from the likes of Mixtapes, Hold Tight!, Belvedere, Kite Party and more.

Here’s what Matt’s three picks for this week’s Something For The Weekend.

“With The Fest 11 taking place this weekend I thought I’d share a couple of bands I’m excited to see for the first time and one that hits very close to home." 

House Boat
There’s something about writing a catchy song without having to repeat the same chorus over and over but House Boat manages to do it throughout this record (‘The Thorns Of Life.’) This was my favorite pop-punk record from last year, and I haven’t found anything since that captivates the way this does. They’re nearly perfect at what they do and have managed to write an album that I still constantly listen to over a year after its release.

<a href="” data-mce-href=“”>The Thorns Of Life by House Boat</a>

House Boat on Bandcamp and Facebook.

Bone Dance
It takes a lot for me to get excited about most heavier things now, but when it hits right I can’t get enough of it. If Bone Dance aren’t touring with Converge or Baroness by this time next year there’s something wrong with the world. They have the right balance of sludgyness mixed into their style of hardcore, and I can’t get enough of it. This brings me back to what initially made me get into the genre and because sometimes you just need to bang your head.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Bone Dance by BONE DANCE</a>

Bone Dance on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and Official Website.

The Fake Boys
I don’t often get the chance to completely gush about records I love, let alone when its something I’ve released, but my love affair for ‘Pig Factory’ is unlike most. Ryan from Mixtapes passed the track ‘You’re a Loser’to me late last year and I was more or less floored from the start. There was something about it that was filled with intensity, melody, and a bizarre sense of heaviness that melded perfectly together.

Getting to talk to Jim (Domenici,) or rather hearing Jim talk to me, not only made me fall deeper in love with his band’s record but solidified the fact that I needed to release it. ‘Pig Factory’ embodies what The Fake Boys are trying to do and they hit it in full stride. The best part about the record is I can’t think of any record or band that sounds quite like this record and I think that speaks volumes for their originality. A lyrically poignant and thematic record from start to finish I can feel the desperation from every line, this is the best record of 2012.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Pig Factory by The Fake Boys</a>

The Fake Boys on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Further information on Animal Style Records can be found on their Official Website, Facebook and Twitter.

If your label or band would like to become a guest writer for Something For The Weekend contact Sean Reid to find out more information.

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