This week our assistant editor Mikey Brown is having a stab at ‘Something For The Weekend’ with a trio of underground bands he believes deserve all of your attention.

Keep on reading for “aggressive sexual calypso”, a post rock band with plenty of brass and your new favourite dub/reggae band.

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Alpha Male Tea Party
For Fans Of: Reuben, Arcane Roots, And So I Watch You From Afar
These 3 gentlemen blew me away when I stumbled upon them at A Carefully Planned Fest back in October (I think?) of last year. I chose to watch them purely based on their name and they were easily one of the highlights of the weekend. I’ve been following them ever since and I know they have a new EP out soon which I’m sure will blow your socks off and then chop your feet off as well.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>AMTP by alpha male tea party</a>

Alpha Male Tea Party on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.


For Fans Of: Manchester Orchestra, Bon Iver
One of my favourite bands from my local scene, ilovecolour are one of the few “Uni” bands who blow me away every time. A seven piece combining this raw, incredibly emotive rock based centre piece with funk bass lines, layered keys and brass the swell and combine with very Andy Hull-esque vocals; it’s haunting but ever so compelling as well. Here’s hoping the break out of Huddersfield soon as they’re much better in a live environment.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>The Wolf by ilovecolour</a>

ilovecolour on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.


Jeramiah Ferrari
For fans of: The reggae/ska scene, summer, Mary J.
The drummer of Jeramiah Ferrari is an old friend of mine from high school and we were in our first band together, playing covers around plenty of pubs within the North West. I remember one time in the back of the van when he said ‘Reggae is so good!’ and now, 5 to 7 years later, he’s the backing beat for the hottest reggae/dub band in Manchester. It’s great to see them being so well received but it’s about time they hit up the rest of the country more often! If you can help them out with a local show then you can thank me later for a crazy good show full of summer vibes and plenty of groovin’.

Jeramiah Ferrari on Facebook and Twitter.

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