Our resident “Something For The Weekend" writer, Rosie Kerr makes a return for this week’s edition of our Friday feature.

Once again Rosie recommends three exciting new bands for your listening pleasure.

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Steady Hands
For Fans Of: Tom Gabel.
Steady Hands is one man with enough musical talent to fuel about 7 bands. The drummer of one of my most talked about bands of late, Modern Baseball, Sean Huber is a musical genius (and I don’t say this lightly). He’s recently released an incredible record called ‘The Libertines’ in which he’s had the help of his friends to form a backing band and create a real sense of completion with this record. As far as folk punk goes, this is the pinnacle that all artists should be aiming for. It’s original, interesting, and so god damn heart-wrenching in places that I honestly can’t praise this enough. They breed incredibly talented artists in Philly. Represent.

<a href="” data-mce-href=“”>The Libertines by Steady Hands</a>

Steady Hands on Facebook and Bandcamp.

For Fans Of: Mew, My Bloody Valentine, and Death Cab For Cutie.
Holland are a 4 piece from Brighton. Original single ‘Lovely Bones’ was released on Rolo Tomassi’s label Destination Moon and now they’ve finally managed to get round to recording an 8 track record which is both beautiful and dark in equal measure and has now been released on their own label, 1945 Records & Killing Moon Records. ‘Happiness Falls & The Bitter Blue’ is in places, very Death Cab For Cutie ‘Plans’ era which is only another positive in my eyes. I’m not usually someone who would listen to something like this off my own back and if it wasn’t for the lovely Matt of Barely Regal then I wouldn’t have heard this gem to begin with. I haven’t listened to too much to compare, but I can honestly say I would stake my life that this record is better than any others of the same ilk, especially of a British band. Go now, buy the record, it’s worth every penny.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Happiness Falls & The Bitter Blue by Holland</a>

Holland on Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.

For Fans Of: Joyce Manor, Nai Harvest, and Pity Sex.
Milkshakes are an indie-emo band from Connecticut. Their bio on Facebook is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve read and their music is awesome. They currently have a split with a band called Wisdom Teeth available for free download on their Bandcamp, and I reckon you should get this before they blow up. The 3 tracks that form their side of the split are lead by Tim Diltz’s gruff vocals and backed by the most awesome wall of sound. ‘Joey Fitness’ is easily my favourite of the 3 tracks and you should start there if you want an easy way of proving how good this band are quickly and without hassle.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Wisdom Teeth/Milkshakes Split by Milkshakes</a>

Milkshakes on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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