Welcome to another instalment of Something For The Weekend. This time around I’ve decided to feature two bands that I’ve worked with via Pornography For Cowards and another which is doing my home Isle proud. If you like acoustic tunes then skip to Burn Daylight. If Pop-Punk/Emo is your bag then welcome Godard into your life and if you like your Punk a little heavier then carry on reading to meet Dashwood.

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For Fans Of: Negative Approach and Never Again.
This is pissed off hardcore that remembers its punk roots, trading the constant breakdowns found in many modern hardcore bands for more groove based guitar and bass parts. This is never more apparent then it is when they play live, with Alex nailing Johnny Rotten’s thousand yard stare whilst pacing the stage. If you like your hardcore pissed off and raw, then you won’t regret downloading Dashwood.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>My Disobedience by Dashwood</a>

Dashboard on Facebook, Bandcamp and Tumblr.

Burn Daylight
For Fans Of: Owen and American Football.
In celebration of Burn Daylight – the solo project of one James Pepper – playing their first full band show this week I’ve decided it’s time to revisit Chelmsford’s finest. Whilst his early stuff has a clear Gaslight Anthem/Tom Gabel influence, last winter saw him explore his classic emo influence and record ‘Winter Coats, And Some Songs I Wrote.’ Now he’s back with a full band (featuring ¾’s of Slowyear) and a new, more identifiable EP titled ‘Young Lion.’ If you’re spending the evening in, spend it exploring his back catalogue. You won’t be disappointed.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Young Lions by Burn Daylight</a>

Burn Daylight on FacebookTwitterTumblrSoundcloud and Bandcamp.

For Fans Of: Basement and Saves The Day.
Although I haven’t worked with Godard they do hail from my home town of the Isle of Wight. So far they’ve released a single EP plus a split with fellow Islander James Hunt. Their second EP is being released by the marvellous Moshtache Records alongside Don’t Shoot The Messenger and Distorted Tapes later this year. Godard play a brand of Emo/Punk not dissimilar to Brand New and Basement. Exciting times.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Pizza Throwing by Godard</a>

Godard on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Words by Richard Heaven (@RichardHeaven)

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