For the next two weeks, “Something For The Weekend” will be taking a slightly different approach as Already Heard Senior Editor Sean Reid talks us through the 21 acts that are set to feature on our new ‘Already Heard Recommends: Volume 1’ compilation.

This week Sean will showcase the first 10 bands chosen for the compilation, with the remaining 11 acts being covered next Friday.

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To start things off I would like to say I am excited and unbeliavbly pleased with how this compilation has come together. I believe the 21 on ‘Already Heard Recommends: Volume 1’ show just what Already Heard and our “Recommends” feature is all about; exposing and highlighting emerging new bands that we truly believe in and we think our readers will enjoy as much as we do.

Moose Blood
Since we were introducing to Canterbury emo/pop punk revivalist Moose Blood at the back end of last year, we quickly warmed to the quartet and it seems so have many others. Since being featured in our “Recommends” feature in January, their stock has risen having announced a split with Departures just this week and a run of shows alongside Funeral For A Friend taking place next month, things continue to look up for Moose Blood. Their ‘Movng Home’ EP continues to get regular play at Already Heard HQ; melancholy lyrics, jangly guitars and duel harmonies. Perfect.

Moose Blood links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Bandcamp

Now, Voyager
We first met Belgian melodic mathcore quintet Now, Voyager in June and since then they’ve gone from strength to strength. They’ve joined rising UK label Destroy Everything and released an EP titled ‘Tell-Tale Hearts’. With their brand of sophisticated and intricate metalcore, the Brussels band have wowed fans and critics as their onslaught of the UK coninutes by the day.

Now, Voyager links: Facebook|Twitter

Hot Damn
Welsh pop punks Hot Damn first caught our attention with the release of their latest mini-album, ‘Sleep Alone’ in March. Brimming with confidence, tracks like ‘Worn Out’ is a confident yet honest slice of po punk that is certainly pleasing on the ear.

Hot Damn links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

The First
Cambridgeshire rockers The First are bold and come bagged with tons of riffs and memorable choruses. With an appearance at this Download Festival under their belt along with their recently released album, ‘Take Courage’, The First are certainly a band on the rise.

The First links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

After they received a 4.5 out of 5 review for their outstanding ‘Colorado’ LP, Greensboro, NC’s Unifier were the perfect candidate for a “Recommends” feature earlier this year. With a mix of catchy and moody numbers, the quartet have been compared to the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Alkaline Trio. The title track from ‘Colorado’ will be included on ‘Already Heard Recommends: Volume 1’; lush, upbeat guitars alongside introspective lyrics.

Unifier links: Facebook|Twitter

State Lines
Long Island quartet State Lines were featured on “Recommends” way back in June 2012. With comparisons to Tigers Jaw, Saves The Day, Brand New, and Alkaline Trio, we instantly fell in love with them. Their youthful spirit shined through on the bands self-titled EP whilst this years ‘For The Boats’ LP saw State Lines mature slightly yet they retained that strong catchy indie/punk sound that makes them so good.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>For The Boats by State Lines</a>

State Lines links: Facebook|Bandcamp

When we heard members of Mimi Soya, The Auteur and The Ghost of a Thousand were joining to form a pop-rock juggernaut, to say we were excited is an understatement. Hero’s ‘Raise It Up’ was insanely catchy and certainly didn’t disappoint our expectations. Now on ‘Already Heard Recommends: Volume 1’, the Brighton five-piece have delivered another pop-rock number filled with confidence and soaring harmonies in ‘Waterfalls’. Its definitely not one to miss.

Hero links: Facebook|Twitter

The Winter Passing
Irish indie punks The Winter Passing were the second band to be featured on “Recommeds” in April 2012, and we’ve certainly heard a lot more of this quintet since. With three UK tours and an EP release taking place over the past 18 months, The Winter Passing have certainly been making themselves known in the UK and back in Ireland. Their ‘Scrapbook’ tidied up the rough edges of the bands demo EP that we adored in early 2012. Now with their debut full-length in the works, and on the same label (Fist In The Air) of fellow “emo is a gang” band Moose Blood, The next 18 months look very promising for The Winter Passing.

The Winter Passing links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Bandcamp

Light You Up
Following a slight name and line-up change from LYU to Light You Up, 2013 has seen the Birmingham alt-rockers make their mark. With a new EP and tours alongside A Loss For Words, Decade and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! in the books, Light You Up have been showcasing their hard-hitting brand of pop-rock up and down the country. Tracks such as ‘Foxfire’ are energetic and filled with bold riffs.

Light You Up links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Calls Landing
Leeds pop punk/emo band Calls Landing have a sound that sound is reminiscent of their US compatriots Transit and The Wonder Years; introspective yet lively. Since we introduced them ahead of their Already Heard-sponsored UK tour with Make Your Mark in February, they have been hard at work on a new record. But in the mean time tracks like ‘London Gentleman should tie you over and is a solid introduction to Calls Landing.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>We Won’t Sleep ‘Til It Happens Volume 1 by Calls Landing</a>

Calls Landing links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

‘Already Heard Recommends: Volume 1’ will be available as a free download from 6pm (GMT) on Monday september 23rd.

1. Moose Blood – Boston
2. Now, Voyager – Where We’ll Start
3. Hot Damn – Worn Out
4. The First – Take It Back
5. Unifier – Colorado
6. State Lines – Indian Burn
7. Hero – Waterfalls
8. The Winter Passing – Nowhere Still
9. Light You Up – Foxfire
10. Calls Landing – London Gentleman
11. Hindsights – Heavy Hand
12. In Dynamics – I Never Make Sense
13. PaperPlane – Chariot
14. Home Advantage – Barriers
15. Tyler Daniel Bean – Heather Lane
16. Brendan Rivera – Centerfold
17. On My Honor – Time to Heal
18. Cautioners – Staging Area
19. Sleeping Lessons – Winter Mourning
20. Over The Ocean – God In My Own Image
21. The Strong Silent Type – Replenish

Photograph by Sarah Louise Bennett. Artwork designed by J Leadbetter.

Words by Sean Reid (SeanReid86)

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